Any avid smoker will tell you that one of the biggest problems with weed is the fact that it doesn’t last forever. It seems like in high school, a simple “G” would one weeks – now, an eighth is barely enough to last through the day.

Luckily, thanks to a lot of time and trial by fire, here are a few guaranteed ways to really stretch your stash and avoid filing for “dankruptcy.”

Different Equipment for Different Needs

volcano vaporizer in the lab
Science rules!

Having a nice bong or some cool glass can make you want to use it constantly, but that may not always be the best way to go about consuming if you’re trying to stretch your stash. One tip that many economical stoners have given these days is to invest in a vaporizer. Even if you have to save up for one, it’ll really help get you more bang for your buck. Here are some tips on how to extend the life of your vaporizer.

To give you a bit of a reference: a single bowl’s worth of weed in a bong can fill multiple bags in a vaporizer – usually around 3-5! Not only will this enable you to smoke longer, but you’ll use less weed each time. There are some cheaper alternatives to pricy table-top vaporizers like the one shown above. The VaporGenie is a “manual” vaporizer, shaped like a pipe with a ceramic filter in between the flame and your bud, that sells for $40 – much less than a $400 Volcano vaporizer.

Another great piece of equipment that works incredibly well in increasing the longevity of your stash is a little one-hitter. Of course you’ll be using less, but it’ll also help show you just how much weed you need to reach a nice, comfortable high. You’d be surprised at how little it’ll actually take to get you there!

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Pro-tip: When using a one-hitter, hold the weed in for seven seconds. You’ll cough and wheeze, but you’ll absorb the maximum amount of THC.

Save your Roaches

“A roach a day will give you a blunt one day” – Ancient Proverb


If you’re a blunt smoker, save your roaches – they could come in handy when you run out of bud. Roach blunts are powerful and dirty – the weed you’ll be using will be the most resin-y and potent, but also ashy and gross.

To make a roach blunt, get anywhere between 5-15 roaches, and carefully unwrap them, collecting the weed in a pile. Crack open a new blunt and put the weed in. You can now smoke the roach blunt, but beware – even the most seasoned of stoners may have trouble facing a fat roach blunt by themselves.

Pro-tip: Roach blunts, with all the ash they have, taste very bad. Counter this by putting a paper filter in the blunt.

Joints are Great… For a Minute

marijuana joint

There is absolutely nothing wrong with coming home to a nice, fat joint – unless your weed isn’t lasting as long as you’d like it to. When you think about it, each rolled joint has roughly a half gram to a full gram. And once you light it, you’ll be hard pressed to put it out early. One of the best ways you can save what little weed you have is by not using most of it in one go – who’d have thought?

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The same goes for blunts, but as we showed above, you can do a magic trick and turn those blunt roaches into a new blunt.

Save your Stems

It’s not just roaches, you can use your stems to create weed tea. Keep them in a jar in a dark, cool place, and when you have about a quarter of a cup or more, follow these steps to make some dank tea.

Sharing is Caring, Unless You’re Out

free weed

One of the coolest things about weed culture is just how ready to share everyone is, but sharing won’t do anyone any good when you don’t have anything to share! It may sound crass and against the norm, but cutting off your friends at a certain point can end up saving you so much more of your stash than you could have imagined. That being said, if you are going to be hanging out with your friends, set a limit for yourself on how much you bring and leave the rest at home (it’s prudent to keep an emergency nug for yourself in a drawer somewhere).

On the other hand, sharing is what friends are for. One of the best things about having a boyfriend/girlfriend is that they can help you out in a time of need, and if your friends are real, they’ll also smoke you out when you’re down and out.