Cannabis has become ‘cool’ again, but this time it’s different. It’s exciting! It is not a temporary wave of popularity inspired by a new Netflix series. This time cannabis is cool, really cool, and it’s because people finally understanding the many positive applications of marijuana; for medical and recreational use, and for health and wellbeing in general. Cannabis is cool for everyone now, not just hippies and stoners. There are weed accessories for many different tastes, check out our picks for February.

crowd of people
Many types of people choose to have a cannabis-infused lifestyle. Image:

Weed is more acceptable as a lifestyle choice for everyone, including parents, the health-conscious, corporate business-types and those with high-incomes; such people used to hide their cannabis use from their peers, but now, walking into homes and seeing elaborate glass bong decorative centrepieces is not rare! They’re interesting conversation starters and unique artwork to be displayed proudly.

spikey pipe
Ornamental glass pipes, bongs and rigs are increasingly popular as decorative pieces in homes. Stoner pride! Image:

We all want to look good, feel good and be at our best, particularly while getting high. Unique, designer smoking accessories will set you apart from every other pot-enthusiast, they will have a profound effect on your smoking experience and they are going to have you enamoured after every session. Change your smoking method up with some of these designer weed accessories:

Hand Crafted Weed Accessories: Joint Tips, Rigs and Storage

wooden joint tip

Luxury does not have to equal hundreds or thousands of dollars. Elevate’s J-Tips come in a variety of sizes, all under $30 each. They are beautifully crafted and carefully engraved with the word ‘Elevate’. You can choose from five types of wood, which over time all change and grow to look more and more badass: the woods are self-oiling too, which means they’re low maintenance for you!

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weed accessories elevate

White Gold Smoking Papers

gold rolling papers
‘The White’, Shine Paper’s white gold rolling papers. Hemp-based and made of edible silver and gold, these are sure to make an impression!

Shine Gold Papers, which are 24k rolling papers, have been around for a while now, but recently we started to see Shine’s White Gold papers popping up around the place. They are cheaper than the 24k version, and we think they look ultra slick! Made from edible silver and gold, ‘The White’ 1 and a 1/4 sized papers are $20 for a pack of two papers.

One of a Kind Heady Glass

fancy brass bong
Acid washed metal and intricate design make this Heady piece a standout.

If you appreciate fine glass, you could probably get lost in this online gallery of one-of-a kind rigs and pieces. There are baroque rigs with acid washed metal detail, and a beautiful $1010 ceramic waterpipe with the tagline, “Porcelain so pretty, you can give this to yo Momma as a vase!”

floral porcelain bong
Ceramic vase water pipe by Daniel Nelson is a beautiful piece worthy of display in any home. Image:

Tetra Shop: Weed Accessories, Pipes, Lighters, and More!

If you are into sleek lines and clean design, Tetra Shop is going to melt your wallet and brain at the same time. This online store features over 30 designers of elite, luxury smoking accessories; their products are spectacular pieces of artwork. Tetra was created by three women in Los Angeles, but their store carries smoking pieces for both men and women. Many pieces feature angles and unique or unusual design elements for the cannabis industry.

angular ash tray

metal and ceramic pipe
Stand out from the crowd with unique designer pieces. Image:

ceramic pipe
These pastel ombre pieces are gorgeous for spring and summer outings. Image:

marbled pipe
Elevate your style with a hand-marbled porcelain pipe. Image:

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