Anxiety is a feeling of dread, and it’s like a dark cloud hanging over your head assuring you that something horrible is likely to happen any moment now… It comes and goes, but it is often present in some form or another. For some people, anxiousness is irritability, restlessness, nervousness, anger or frustration. For others, it may mean a panic attack. Anxiety has many shapes and comes in many forms. There are also many ways to treat anxiety: mindfulness, meditation, exercise, medication. Using cannabis for anxiety is a viable option as well, but there are a few things you need to know.

dealing with anxiety
There are many ways to treat anxiety: mindfulness, meditation, yoga, breathing exercises. Source:

Cannabis for Anxiety

Using cannabis to treat anxiety is not something that should be taken lightly: THC often makes anxiety worse, and can induce paranoia and anxiety in some people. Have you ever overdone it with a bowl and felt like everyone was talking about you? That’s too much THC!

So, THC is not the only cannabinoid that is getting attention from cannabis enthusiasts these days. CBD, or cannabidiol, is commonly used in medical dispensaries across the world to treat a variety of conditions. CBD is used to treat depression, schizophrenia, cancer and anxiety disorders. You might have heard the term ‘CBD’ being used in news articles recently, many children with epilepsy have successfully been treated with CBD, decreasing their number of seizures significantly. CBD is used in topical solutions and can even be used to counteract the effects of too much THC!

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Too much THC can CAUSE anxiety, while CBD can counteract that feeling. Source:

How to Treat Anxiety with Weed

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If you are interested in treating anxiety with cannabis, and you live somewhere with medical marijuana, please speak to your budtenders. Visit a few dispensaries and explain what you are looking for. Explain what experiences you have had in the past with cannabis and other medications. If you are like many, and you live somewhere cannabis is not yet legal, you may have to go rogue.

Cannabis for Anxiety in Non-Legal Regions

If you live somewhere cannabis is not available legally, it helps a lot if you have access to information about the pot you’re getting, or if you can make requests. Find a reputable and reliable source; important if you are using cannabis as medication, you do not want to have to go without unexpectedly. If you can, request strains that are high in CBD, low in THC. Most CBD strains have THC present, and finding a CBD-only strain may require special hunting if you do not have access to a dispensary.

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CBD cannabis is used to treat anxiety in medical marijuana dispensaries in the United States. Source:

Good News About CBD and Weed

Many common strains of cannabis have CBD present in low doses too! Granddaddy Purple is a common strain that has an element of CBD present, though it contains more THC. It is an indica, a more mellow strain than sativas, which often produce a ‘buzzier’ and more energetic high. Indicas are medically preferred for their pain relief and sleep-inducing qualities. Jack Herer is a common sativa strain that has CBD present too. Girl Scout Cookies is another a strain, this time a hybrid, with some CBD present. All of these common strains are THC-heavy, with smaller amounts of CBD. High-CBD strains like Nordle, ACDC and Harlequin have no THC present.

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Why Is CBD Good for Anxiety?

CBD is non psychoactive. Potentially the best thing about CBD, it can’t get you high. THC gets you high, but CBD has no effect on your alertness or capability, it only helps you feel less pain, more calm and more clarity.