Sex and pot. Adults worldwide love both, passionately. Sex has been a big bucks industry for years, while legal cannabis is gaining traction quickly. Cannabis-infused lifestyles are now increasingly acceptable for everyday folks; the taboo associated with weed is no longer prevalent in today’s society, meaning Ma and Pa next door might just be getting loaded too! Cannabis has long been referred to as an aphrodisiac and certainly increases pleasure in many ways, here are some ideas on combining adults’ greatest passions: sex and pot.

sex and pot in the tub

Sex and Pot: 10 Ways to Spice up Your Valentine’s Day

1. Find the Right Strain to Set the Mood

sex and pot
Sex and Pot is the Perfect Valentine’s Day Mix!

It is essential to find the right strain of weed (and the best dosage) for your sexcapades! The right strain can speed or slow time, and will increase the intensity of each touch. Cannabis also lowers inhibitions, so it might be time to try some of those kinkier moves you’ve been lusting after! There are strains of cannabis known for being great in the bedroom, like Sexxpot (indica) and Santa Maria (sativa).

2. Try out some Cannabis Infused Lube or Massage Oil

sex and pot
Try out a sensual massage with weed and your love.

Experiment with cannabis-infused sex products. Cannabis-infused and hemp-based sex products are on the shelves if you live somewhere pot is legal, if not, try your hand at making something yourself. Who doesn’t want to cover their bits in cannabis sex lube or massage oils?

3. Smoke Weed in Bed With your Boo

sex and pot
You’re never too old to play!

Combine cannabis, sex and the munchies in bed. Harness the sexy power of the munchies by slowly and sensually feeding your partner while they are blindfolded or introduce sweet medicated condiments like THC honey or chocolate sauce, and invite your partner to lick it off your body. Don’t forget the sexy munchies too, like a fresh, juicy peach…

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4. Role Play

sex and pot
Pretend to be characters, or just complete strangers for a night of forbidden fun.

Role play while high. Take advantage while those inhibitions are lower and plan a sexy role play scenario with your lover. You don’t need to keep a straight face the whole time, make it fun and have a silly time. Perhaps your partner has a thing for cosplay? Try it, just keep the keys to the handcuffs handy.

5. Express your Love with Edibles

sex and pot edibles
Romantic treats in bed make for a sticky and sweet evening. Source:

If you’re feeling more romantic than amorous, make some romantic edibles for your lover, like heart-shaped chocolates or elaborately decorated brownies and cupcakes. When you indulge, wait an hour and take the action to the bedroom. Just don’t overdo it! (Unless that’s something you’re into…)

6. Fill the Room with Sexy Smelling Cannabis Candles

sex and pot mood lighting
Try some sexy mood lighting and scents to get in the mood.

Use your scents! Cannabis-scented and cannabis-themed candles are taking over the internet and are perfect to set the mood at sexytime. Spark one up, light a spliff and let the smoky scents arouse your senses.

7. Try Out some Cannabis Tincture Cocktails

sex and pot cocktails
Sex and pot, AND cocktails?

Try your hand at making tincture cocktails and drink them in bed with your baby. A margarita is a good start, but a cannabis-infused margarita is always BEST! Tinctures are easy to make at home with weed and high-proof alcohol like Everclear, or buy them legally for a safer dose. Don’t forget that combining alcohol and cannabis increases the effect of both substances. Enjoy responsibly!

8. Roll them a Romantic Joint

sex and pot
Image Source:

Spoil your sweetheart with romantic joint rolling and smoke tricks. YouTube has tutorials on how to roll heart-shaped joints for your special person, or you can write a sweet message on the joint and gift it to your sweetheart. Use your skills, then tangle your legs in bed with your lover while you spark up. Practice blowing smoke lovehearts and french inhales together. Can you do it? It is SEXY! Remember water to combat the cottonmouth!

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9. Try some Mindblowingly Meditative Sex

sex and pot meditation

Tantric sex. In India, sex and cannabis have been intertwined romantically for many years. Experiment with the idea of reaching sexual enlightenment through lovemaking and meditation. You may not have an Earth-ending orgasm the first time, but practice makes perfect, just like yoga and meditation. If meditation isn’t your thing, try listening to some sexy music in the bedroom.

10. Enjoy the Day and Connect with your Love

sex and pot

Get connected. Cannabis won’t always blow your mind in the bedroom, but sometimes it can just change things for the better, especially if your relationship is experiencing some stress or disconnect. Turn the lights down low, and talk to your partner. Share stories and experiences, discuss things you don’t get to discuss otherwise, and really work on cementing your bond as partners in life. A strong emotional connection is the best foundation for a solid physical connection, ya know!