Not everyone can afford to lose their jobs and have to search for a new job. This makes it important to know the best synthetic urine for 2021 to prepare yourself for the rainy days.

Most people will try different methods when they have to pass a drug or weed test within a short period. While there are some other ways, such as using niacin, synthetic urine has been a common approach used by many to pass their drug test.

The synthetic urine option is one of the most daring ways you can employ to pass a drug test. This is because the method takes a whole different approach against most of the other techniques you may know of. This article shall expose you to all you need to know about synthetic urine.

What is Synthetic Urine?

The origin of synthetic urine can be traced to Friedrich Wohler, who accidentally discovered synthetic urea while performing certain lab tests on ammonium cyanate. Ever since, synthetic urea has become a viable method used to create fake pee for passing drug tests.

Synthetic urine is a replica of actual urine such that it possesses all the relevant features. From appearance to odor, pH balance, and temperature, the synthetic urine is devised to replace your actual urine and make it easy to pass drug tests.

Often, synthetic urine is created with specific instructions to ensure that it meets the user’s needs. The urine comes in a complete package that makes for the right temperature and ensures that the heating functions on the container work to keep the urine in the right condition for what you intend to use it for.

Will Fake Pee Help You Pass A Drug Test?

Many people have used fake pee test kits to pass their drug tests. The procedure itself has a high chance of success since it involves a complete switching of the tested urine. As such, it tends to be more effective, which is why many people go for it.

However, the success of this method is dependent on a few factors. For you to use synthetic urine, you need to make plans on how you’ll get it into the testing facility. Some synthetic urine companies also offer prosthetic penises, which make it easier to smuggle in synthetic urine. Once you smuggle it in, everything becomes easy therefrom.

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All you need to do is get that synthetic urine into the container for collecting your pee. So, the laboratory will be testing the synthetic urine while they think they are testing your actual urine. The essence of this procedure lies in deceiving the facility.

You need to consider how you’ll keep the synthetic urine at the right temperature during transport. Remember that the facility will consider a number of factors while testing the urine, including odor, color, pH balance, and temperature. So, you must ensure the urine maintains the temperature on your way to the facility.

Although there is a scarcity of data in this area, a good number of people have used this method. However, if the method fails and you get caught, you stand the risk of facing certain measures. For one, you can get sacked from your job depending on your company policy. Secondly, you may become liable for some legal issues, as some states have placed a ban on fake urine.

How To Use Fake Pee Test Kit and Hide It Properly

Once you get your fake urine kit for a drug test, the next thing is to start preparing for its use. Using synthetic urine essentially starts with struggling the urine into the facility. You may think this is not an issue since you can easily put it in your pocket.

However, using your pocket makes you a suspect easily, as the pocket may attract curious eyes. Also, there is often a stop-and-search stage before the test to prevent cheating.

As such, it is advisable you use a smart way to smuggle the urine. Here are some of the ways you can use it.

  • Leg strap
  • Undies
  • Your belt

You can get a leg strap to scale past this stage. You can get this by searching any of “synthetic urine near me” or ”stores that sell synthetic urine near me.” The leg strap is designed to firmly hold the synthetic urine around your leg without causing suspicions.

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You can also use stash undies to get the job done. These particular undies operate like the normal underwear, but they are firmer and have pockets to hold your synthetic urine.

Finally, you can make use of the synthetic urine belt, which is the most used and offers the most realistic experience. Using the belt operates as though you’re using your regular belt. But this time, the belt holds the synthetic urine with it. The belt is designed to wrap the urine around your waist, and it comes with a connected tube that makes for the passage of the urine once you’re ready to let it out.

Once the lab expert instructs you to get your urine, you go to the discrete location and open the valve to get the synthetic urine out. The same procedure applies with other stashing methods. Once you smuggle the urine in, you will wait till you get the instruction to go pee, and then you’ll get the urine out and pour into the container. Ensure you do so quickly but not too fast to avoid suspicions. Here’s how to pass a supervised drug test with fake urine.

The Synthetic Urine FAQ

Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

Why can’t I just borrow clean pee from my friend who doesn’t use weed?

You can’t do this because you’ll get caught. What makes synthetic urine an option is because the temperature, odor, color, and other relevant features can be adjusted to appear like your urine. This is not the same as your friend’s.

Does synthetic urine work?

Yes, it does. Many people have used this method to pass their drug tests. However, you need to be careful while smuggling it into the facility.

Can synthetic urine be detected?

The standard temperature range should fall within 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

How long does urine stay warm?

Urine often has the same temperature as that of the body, and it will mostly stay warm for about 4 minutes outside the body.

How to keep urine warm?

An effective way to keep urine warm is by microwaving it regularly for about ten seconds at every point. You can also use warmers to keep the synthetic urine warm.

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Will warmers overheat urine?

Warmers will only overheat urine if you do not keep an eye on the timing. Don’t leave the urine inside the warmer for long.

How much fake pee is needed for a drug test?

You do not need too much. The synthetic urine will come in a small bag, which will be enough to pass the drug test.

Can you make synthetic urine yourself?

The straight answer is that you likely can’t. The synthetic urine makers understand the nitty-gritty of urine features and adjust the synthetic urine to meet the needs.

Can synthetic urine expire?

The simple answer is yes. Synthetic urine is a manufactured product, and like every other manufactured product, it comes with an expiry date.

Can you freeze synthetic urine?

No, you shouldn’t. Once you tear you tear the synthetic urine bag for use, you should either use it or discard it accordingly. Do not freeze the synthetic urine, as that reduces the value and exposes you to more risks.

Where can I buy synthetic urine locally?

You can get synthetic urine, powdered urine kit, and fake pee test kits at local stores near you. To get the best fake pee test kit, ensure you research the store you’ll be getting your synthetic urine from.

Is there any female synthetic urine kit?

Yes, there are makers of female synthetic urine kits. You can get these kits from various local stores near you.

Do synthetic urine belts work?

Yes, they do. The synthetic urine belt is the most effective way to smuggle synthetic urine into the laboratory.

Is powdered synthetic urine good?

Powdered urine is the next best option after synthetic urine. It is equally effective and can help pass drug tests. This method is essentially your original urine but in powdered form.

Will LabCorp call you if you fail a drug test?

You should ensure you take the necessary precautions to not get caught during the procedure. If you fail the test, LabCorp will call to notify you and your employer as the case may be.

Final Thoughts

Although people have used synthetic urine to pass their drug tests, the success of the method depends on how careful you are through the process. The most important part is keeping the urine in the right temperature and smuggling it into the facility successfully. Every other thing from there is relatively easy.