The legalization of pot in recent years has been a game-changer for many. From people who enjoy a nice after work blunt to people suffering from unimaginable chronic pain, weed has helped plenty since its legalization. But even though weed is legal for recreational use in 9 states and medically in 29, the federal government still has an active ban on pot.

Why You Need To Detox Your Body

The ban on consumption of cannabis at the federal level makes for a very complicated situation for employees and employers. As marijuana is still illegal on the federal level, companies can fire employees for failing drug tests, medication, or not. So even if you can’t get arrested for smoking marijuana in certain states, you can possibly lose your job. Although pot is much safer than nearly every other type of schedule 1 drug or legal substances like alcohol and tobacco, no strides have been made to make it legal.

Recent polls have shown that nearly 57% of companies in the United States subject their employees to drug tests. And this wouldn’t be a problem if only marijuana didn’t take the longest time to get out of your system. But lucky for you, and the millions of other Americans smoke cannabis, there is a complete industry dedicated to helping you pass that drug test.

Now there are many ways to go about passing the drug test with advanced notice. Quitting pot, as hard as it may be for some people, or simply filling your body with fluids are two options. But if you are put on the spot with a few days until the test, how do you pass it? Well, when faced with such a challenge, there is but one solution, a Detox pill.

What essentially may look like expensive herbal energy drinks (sometimes costing $60), is actually your saving grace. These detox drinks all offer the same thing, a temporary solution to your current THC problem. But if you are someone who is new to drug tests, or are applying for a new job, you may be wondering what the tests even are? So lets speed past the few tests for some of the uninitiated.

The Types of Tests

There are a multitude of different tests available to see if a person is consuming narcotics or not. These tests range from mildly accurate, to extremely accurate, so it is safe to say that a result from these tests can show your use of marijuana. Here are the most famous drug tests:

Blood Testing

Blood testing is possibly the most expensive and invasive of any other drug test. But it is also the most accurate. It can tell just how much of cannabis or any other drug is present in you and can tell how often you smoke. However, the invasive nature of the test and its cost alone, make it unpopular among people.

Saliva Testing

Saliva testing is also another form of drug testing and is possibly the least efficient or accurate. A saliva test, while being less invasive than most other tests, it is only effective when cannabis has been used within a few hours. So unless someone smoked cannabis an hour or two before the test, they often wouldn’t show positive for the test.

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Perspiration Tests

Perspiration tests are actually a very new form of testing that tracks drug usage through perspiration. The sweat patch tracks the consumption of narcotics of any sort and continues to do so for 14 days. This can be a little invasive and is only effective against people with a habit of abusing narcotics.

Hair Testing

Now hair testing is actually one of the strangest drug tests and follows the idea that drugs can travel into the blood vessels of the scalp. From there, they go into the hair, which keeps a long-lasting record of someone’s drug use. Many estimate that it can take upwards of three months for marijuana to exit the hair, and that is if you continue to cut your hair regularly. But this can be incredibly invasive, and a little expensive.

Urine Testing

Finally, we move onto Urine testing. Urine testing strikes the perfect balance between efficiency and accuracy. And among all of the drug tests, a urine test is the most common and it makes sense why. All of the metabolites of the drug you consume make their way out of your body through the urine. Since this is the most common test that companies use, detox drinks eliminate these metabolites through consecutive urination.

How long does pot stay in your system?

Well, it is often very difficult to say. Depending on the tests, the time for it staying in your system can be somewhere between three hours or even three months. But before you can ask yourself how long cannabis stays in your body, you first have to determine the type of smoker you are.

Whether you smoke marijuana for recreational reasons or for proper medical ones, you can still fit into one of four categories of smokers.

  1. Occasional smoker: once or twice a month
  2. Mild smoker: once or twice a week
  3. Heavy smoker: once a day
  4. Very heavy smoker: multiple times a day

These are the four main categories of smokers, and the time that cannabis will stay in your system greatly varies depending on your cannabis intake. Even mild to occasional smokers can have the same three-month cannabis tracking in the hair, much like heavy smokers or very heavy smokers. But this is a very rare exception. Other tests like a urine test can last somewhere between 3 days, a month, or much longer depending on your intake.

What Are Detox pills?

With your job on the line, there is a lot riding on your next drug test. And since regret doesn’t do much for detox, detox pills can greatly help with your problems. Detox pills are supplements that help in reducing the metabolites of cannabis or other drugs to help pass drug tests. Some of these detox pills can be very concentrated to help with heavy smokers. On the other hand, there are also certain detox pills that are a lot less concentrated for some of the more mild and occasional smokers out there.

Essentially, detox pills are supplements that help in diluting or eliminating levels of narcotics in the body. It does this by sending out the metabolites in the bloodstream out of the body through urination. Some detox pills help you urinate all of the narcotics out of your body and become completely clean for a drug test. Nearly all detox pills offer the same faction and try to make sure that narcotics are not traceable through urine.

Some of these supplements work alongside a complete diet that you have to follow for a set number of days for complete detoxification. This “detox diet” is great for anyone that has a few days until their test. Some of these detox pills can get a complete detox in just five days, making it great for some of those sudden drug tests. But you should not always remain dependant on detox pills to help you, and should also indulge in some natural detox methods.

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Detox Pills for Different Types of Smokers

As we discussed, there are different types of smokers, each with a specific severity. And as much as some people would like to believe, these supplements aren’t miracles in a bottle. They take their fair share of time to work, and if you don’t follow the instructions verbatim, it won’t work.

But the results also vary greatly depending on the user that is consuming them. So an occasional user may have to spend considerably less time than a heavy or chronic user in detox. So first let’s look at occasional and mild detox users.

Occasional – Mild Users

It may come as no surprise that occasional and mild users require the least time on a detox diet as well as a lighter detox diet. Most five-day supplement programs can easily eliminate marijuana inside the body, making it great for those one-week prior test. On the other hand, these mild to moderate users are able to take on more extreme detox remedies and clear their body within a day. So it is safe to say that occasional or even mild users have it pretty good when it comes to detoxification. More heavy users are not so fortunate.

For occasional smokers or those with mild toxin exposure, Toxin Rid detox program can be beneficial. Toxin Rid is a popular detoxification program that aims to help rid the body of unwanted toxins, including those from smoking. It typically consists of a combination of dietary supplements, herbal cleansers, and lifestyle modifications.

Heavy – Chronic Users

And now we move onto the category that has the hardest time detoxing their system, heavy and chronic smokers. Now regardless of whether you require medical marijuana for certain ailments or you happen to indulge recreationally, smoking once a day or even multiple times a day can make the metabolites really stick inside the body. This makes them incredibly difficult to remove from the body, which is why heavy smokers often have to go through a very rigorous detox plan that can last much longer than the average one.

Most rigorous detox drug tests can take an upwards of 10 consecutive days in order to detox the body completely. This means very specific fruit and food, along with various supplements specifically designed for detoxification.

Instant Detox Solutions

While occasional or mild users may eliminate toxins from their body within a day or two with some rigorous detox pills, heavy smokers are not so lucky. But even with detox plans working flawlessly within ten days, sometimes people just don’t have that kind of time. With some people’s drug tests only a day or two away, they need a quick fix. Luckily, something that this industry also provides is that exact quick fix.

Some detox solutions offer a quick fix to dodge a drug test. These quick fixes don’t so much as eliminate the drugs in the system as much as it does just tamper with the drug test sample. For example, The samples are diluted, thanks to the detox or they are just making the particles invisible of sorts. Either way, it acts as th1e get out of jail free card that many people could really use; especially those with a need for medical marijuana.

Side Effects of Drug Detox

Detox pills, or as they are better known as cleansing pills, is probably the answer to your drug test problem. But much like with every other type of medication, it comes with a catch. Supplements or medication coming with its own fair share of side effects is very normal. They can sometimes be very menial or can be very extreme. That said, in the case of cleansing pills or flush pills, there are no side effects that are very alarming. But there are a few to mention.

  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness or irritability
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Loss of appetite
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These are some of the severer side effects of pills that flush weed out of your system. While not necessarily nothing to worry about, these side effects won’t put on bed rest.  So if you do happen to experience these symptoms as soon as you consume the detox pills.

Best Detox Pills to Buy

With an industry out there ready to help you get that drug test right, there are a lot of different detox pills to buy. From major-league businesses helping with rehabilitation to smaller, more niche businesses, there are just too many products to choose from. So to help you skip the frustration of having to sit through multiple top ten lists, here is a small list of our own. So if you have been wondering what are the best detox pills for weed or what pills can clean your system from weed, here are some of the best detox pills to pass a drug test.

Hour Fast Flush

Starting off with the most popular detox supplements on the market, Hour fast flush pills will help you flush weed out of your system. While it may just be a temporary fix for this particular problem, it works wonders for the time that it is active. Let’s take a brief look at their pros and cons.


  • Makes you safe for urine drug tests within 1- 5 hours
  • Boosts urine system to take out metabolites much faster
  • All you will need are the capsules and some water


  • Is only a temporary solution, the customer will continue to show positive on drug tests after effects wear off
  • Can be very inconvenient as the sped-up urinary process will lead to frequent urination
  • Duration of the effects can greatly differ depending on the person and their smoking habits.

The Stuff Chewable

The stuff chewable is a great and revolutionary detox pill that takes out the need of chugging down on fluids to ensure that you eventually pass the metabolites out of their system. With just a few chewable, delicious, tablets, you can easily get rid of metabolites present in your body.


  • Forgoes the need to consume immense amounts of fluids
  • Starts working within 40 minutes and can last an upwards of 5 hours
  • Incredibly convenient and simple to use
  • A very high satisfaction rate throughout the board
  • Is most suitable for lighter people and more occasional smokers


  • For very specific types of smokers and does not cater to the more aggressive smokers
  • Only a temporary solution and timing is never consistent

Pretox boost

The pretax boost supplement is incredibly effective in getting metabolites outside your body, but only when they are combined with other detox solutions. This isn’t an independent product but is instead a long term solution that will be a great addition to any detox plan.


  • Works amazing with other detox products and greatly increases the effectiveness
  • They increase the speed of the urine system to help throw metabolites out
  • Helps other products and is a more permanent detox solution


  • Needs to work with other products in order to benefit you
  • Does not work on short notice
  • Consuming these capsules will make you urinate a lot more


Will Water Pills Help You Pass Drug Tests?
Yes, and the results will greatly differ depending on the brand and type of water pills that you use.

Do Detox Pills Work For Weed or All Drugs?
These pills belong to an incredibly expansive industry. In other words, there are different types of detox pills for different drugs. There are also detox pills that alone help in detoxing the body from multiple drugs and metabolites.

Can Detox Pills Be Detected Through Drug Tests?
No. Detox pills liquefy almost instantly inside the body and in a way, mask the metabolites as they release out of your body. And since the function of most of these pills is to help you bypass a drug test, they can’t be detected.

Are Detox Pills Safe?
Yes. As long as you have a healthy body and metabolism, you shouldn’t experience any serious side effects. However,  it is always best to contact a physician or medical official and get their professional advice before committing to a single product.