Smoking isn’t for everybody. Luckily, you can consume cannabis without smoking it.

In my opinion, there are few greater things in this world than taking the fattest bong rip my lungs will permit. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees. Despite the countless health and recreational benefits of marijuana, many are left outside of the culture and pleasures simply because they don’t or can’t smoke.

Perhaps respiratory concerns such as asthma make smoking too difficult of a task. Perhaps you follow practices, religious or otherwise, that condemn the act of smoking. Maybe it’s just inconvenient for you to be setting fire to something smelly and illegal.

Thankfully for these poor souls, health-friendly alternatives exist for these very circumstances.


filling vape

Vaporizers, or vapes, remove the combustion process from smoking weed. Instead, a heating element is used to gradually activate the THC and cannabinoid molecules, releasing them from the herb. The smoke-like vapor is then inhaled through a mouthpiece. This vapor is thinner and less pungent than traditional weed smoke, making it much easier on the lungs and more discreet. The taste and aroma is much more pleasant, making this a more effective treatment for headaches and nausea. The effects are generally more relaxing and can take a few minutes longer to kick in than combustive methods. The weed, rather than turning to ash, will slowly begin to brown as the psychoactive ingredients evaporate from the plant matter. When the bowl is finished, the remaining plant matter will be dark brown and brittle. You should start at a low temperature and work your way up to avoid wasting any THC and CBD – making this method much more economical than smoking.

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Like their glass-blown counterparts, vapes come in countless shapes and sizes. Some are portable and battery-powered while other units are bulky and require an outlet. The most popular brands are the Pax for portability and the Volcano tabletop vape for dependability. Vaporizers are gentle on lungs, deliver the highest THC/CBD (cannabinoid) yield of any smoking apparatus, and are widely regarded to produce a functional, clear-headed high. When choosing a vape, it’s essential to choose a quality piece that suits your needs. Nothing smokes better than a good vaporizer, nothing smokes worse than a bad one.



Edibles are weed-infused treats that allow the body to process marijuana’s psychoactive properties via digestion rather than respiration. Here’s a quick and easy way to make cannaoil in just over an hour!

If vaping too closely resembles smoking or you’re interested in long-lasting highs then search no further! Edibles may take as long as two hours to fully kick in, but when they do, expect a calming body high that could last anywhere from 5-12 hours depending on your personal tolerance.

Due to their duration and convenience, edibles are not only fantastic for movies and day trips, but also for those who suffer from chronic pain, depression, or anorexia. And if you don’t like brownies then worry not, these days anything from lollipops to coffee K-Cups to simple gel capsules can deliver your high without a tax on your lungs. Be sure to exercise caution and patience when consuming edibles, it’s recommended to start with a 10mg dose and to wait 2 hours before consuming more.

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