Your couch is a wonderful place. Now and again, however, the wanderlust grips us all. Remember the early days of exploring with cannabis? The walks, adventures and vision quests that were always on the agenda? We’ve gone on an armchair trip around the world to bring you some lovely, inspirational smoke spots just waiting for someone to light up at. Don’t forget to explore and find that perfect smoke spot every once in a while.

These swings

Inspirational smoke spotsFound somewhere in the Maldives, captured by @lepostcard, and just waiting for you and your best friend.

This windswept hill

Inspirational smoke spotsThe string lights appeal to the basic beast lurking within us all, especially around this time of the year, but the stunning surroundings of the Julian Alps, photographed by @alexstrohl, and the beautiful simplicity of the camper make a smoking location like this something to aspire to.

With this guy

Inspirational smoke spots

@travelsintranslation has found a festive fellow in downtown Chicago who clearly knows how to relax.

Behind this sign

Inspirational smoke spots

It might be a bit of a hike, but @theblondeabroad‘s stunning photo clearly shows that it’s well worth the walk. Clear your head and see things from a new perspective in the Hollywood hills.

At this motel

Inspirational smoke spots

The retro factor is phenomenal here. This all-American kitsch, found by @jaredchambers, looks like a fantastic place to smoke the decades away.

These surreal plains

Inspirational smoke spots

Judging by the strength of the wind in the Catlins, New Zealand, smoking might prove difficult. This mind-boggling example of nature’s power, captured by @youngadventuress, is an appropriately awe-inspiring place to get high.

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Under the boardwalk

Inspirational smoke spots

Down by the sea…

Okay, so it’s technically a very famous pier, as photographed by @lovedeathtravel, but there’s a damn good reason that Under the Boardwalk is such an enduring song. Take a stealth pipe out for a spin and find out why.

Overlooking the Vivid Light Festival

Inspirational smoke spots

Vivid is an annual Sydney festival that celebrates light through colorful, stunning displays of it. Mix that with the city’s thriving foodie scene and you’ve got a high heaven to aspire to. @landlopers was lucky to be caught among it.

Got any other inspiring places to smoke? Been to any of these? Tell us about your experiences in the comments!