After a long day of work, cooking dinner is exhausting; especially if you’re for cooking for one. You barely make it to the couch, and there’s little chance of getting to the kitchen to cook a fulfilling meal. You get take out and sit on the couch absentmindedly going over your day, unwinding and daydreaming about dessert.

I can’t change how dull cooking for one can be, but I’m sure I can give you a serious incentive to cook that meal for yourself. SINGLE SERVE MICROWAVABLE MUG RECIPES! Yes, they’re quick and easy to put together, and you don’t need any skills in the kitchen. You just need a mug! So stay on your feet when you walk through the door, throw that meal together and feed yourself. When you’re done, summon your remaining energy and pick your favorite easy to make mug recipe, find your favorite coffee mug and treat yourself with these 10 classic recipes with a twist!

Microwave Brownie in a Cup

mug recipes

This simple sweet treat takes only 45 seconds to cook and is such an easy take on a chocolatey all-American favorite. Try it with a scoop of ice cream on top or add some whipped cream to take this decadent dessert to the next level. (From Number-2-Pencil)

Minute Microwave Cheesecake

mug recipes
Source: YourLighterSide

Who doesn’t love cheesecake? If you have a craving for this classic dairy treat, indulge yourself with this gluten-free twist on a much loved fave. There are loads of ways to customize this recipe: try adding fruit or different toppings! (From YourLighterSide)

Chocolate Fudge S’mores Mug Cake

mug recipes
Source: HowSweetEats

This super-fudgey mug recipe takes about five minutes to cook and is delicious! If you’re a sucker for chocolate fudge, graham crackers and marshmallows, this easy bake dessert will not disappoint! (From HowSweetEats)

2 Minute French Toast

mug recipes
Source: PrettyPrudent

Breakfast in a mug… and it isn’t coffee! French toast is sticky sweet and sure to keep you riding that sugar high for the morning or evening. This variation of a classic breaky favorite is straight up simple: bread, egg, milk, cinnamon and syrup, microwaved for just a couple minutes. Use baguette for crunchier french bread! (From PrettyPrudent)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mug Cake

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Source: TheNoviceChefBlog

Yeah, you read that correctly. Chocolate AND peanut butter in a cake, in a mug. Toss some chopped nuts into this recipe for a little added texture, or use the crunchiest peanut butter you can find! This is a sure fire munchie cure! (From TheNoviceChefBlog)

Single Serving Cinnamon Roll

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Source: ChocolateCoveredKatie

Warm cinnamon rolls smell delicious, taste delicious and ARE delicious, especially when they are served in a mug and cooked at home. While this recipe is a little more complicated than others on this list, the reward is certainly worth the additional effort! (From ChocolateCoveredKatie)

Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Cup

mug recipes
Source: Number-2-Pencil

This melt in your mouth cookie is going to take 6 minutes of your time. Can you afford that after a long day at work? For a cookie? Yeah, you probably can! (From Number-2-Pencil)

Banana Mug Cake with Simple Cream Cheese Frosting

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Source: CookingClassy

Banana bread meets vanilla cake! Insanely tasty and straightforward enough to make half asleep after a long day on your feet, it is worth waiting the two minutes to cook it. Don’t forget to make the simple cream cheese frosting, it’s delicious and no banana cake is complete without it. (From CookingClassy)

Chocolate Espresso Mug Cake

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Some people can’t start their day without it, and some need it in everything: coffee is classic, no matter what your opinion on it. A teaspoon of instant coffee is enough to add a caffeine hit to this super simple mug cake. (From KurryLeaves)

Coffee Cup Quiche

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Source: StLToday

Ok, maybe you overdosed on sweets in the afternoon and you’re flat from that sugar high. Or maybe you need a quick savory snack to keep you going before the take out arrives at the door. Whatever the case, eggs are a great way to fill your belly and this quick quiche will keep you going! Take a few minutes to grab what’s in your fridge and get cooking! (From StLToday)

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