Modern pot smokers are practically MacGyver — they can turn anything into a stoner tool. They are usually a resourceful bunch, often with strange, curious and ingenious marijuana hacks dedicated to getting high when the circumstances aren’t necessarily perfect. If you are seshing at home and come up against a stoner’s challenge, refer to this list of handy hacks and stoner tools to help you out before you panic — And if you have any other tips, add them below so I can try them out!

Mortar and Pestle

Found a stash of super dry weed? Use a mortar and pestle to grind that shit up! It’s old school cool.


stoner tool
Ditch the casserole and clean your rig with a Pyrex dish! Source:

If you’re cleaning your dabs rig, empty it into a glass Pyrex dish and pick the reclaim out with your dab stick. You can eat it!


If your trusty rolling tray has gone missing or you’re in a rush, grab your favorite hardcover book and open it up, flip it over and use the surface for prepping your joints. You can do this with a magazine too, be careful!


Lost the grinder in the couch somewhere last week? It isn’t a lifehack but it will do you well to learn: use scissors to get a fine chop on that beautiful flower. If you’re attacking a large quantity, find an old coffee grinder laying around.

Mason Jars

mason jar stoner tool
Mason jars are a great place to keep your bud or AVB safe. Source:

Mason jars are airtight and everyone has them laying around the house. Toss your AVB (already vaped bud) in there and save it for a rainy day.

Hair Pins

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Folks with hair, you have an advantage over your shiny scalped smoking fellows. Hair pins or bobby pins are a great way to unblock pipes, and they double as a roach clip too!

Paper Clips

Paperclips are another roachclip tool everyone has laying around. Use them to get the last out of that joint you’ve been Bogarting!

Business Cards

If you smoke joints and you are out of filters, raid your wallet for unwanted business cards. The card stock is usually on point for rolling a perfect filter, you just have to cut it to size – sometimes easier said than done.

Coconut Oil

coconut oil stoner tools
Coconut oil is a great base for making edibles. Source:

Here is a quick recipe to make simple edibles at home using only coconut oil and weed. It takes an hour and everyone has coconut oil in their home these days! (If not, ask your neighbor!)


If things are really desperate at your place and you can’t find rolling papers, a pipe or a bong, head to the fruit bowl and grab an apple to create a makeshift apple bong with. No apples? Get adventurous!

Dryer Sheets

If you’re sneaking around smoking and don’t want anyone to know, try this old school tip: fasten a dryer sheet around the end of an empty toilet paper roll with an elastic band, and exhale your smoke into that.

Cotton Swabs

stoner tools
Cotton swabs are your best friend. Combine with alcohol to clean your pieces. Source:

Cotton swabs clean everything! Dip them in alcohol and clean resin from pipes, bong parts and the inside of your vape!


Everclear is the best way to reclaim all your dab run off. Clean your rig with Everclear and learn how to make the most out of that reclaim here. It’ll get you high!

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For years bong smokers have been tossing ice cubes into their bong water. It cools the water down which in turn cools the marijuana smoke, leaving smokers with a smoother toke.

Baking Mats

Those rubbery baking sheets your Mom uses to make cookies are lifesavers for concentrate fiends and dabbers. They’re the same silicone that expensive dab mats are made from, and the concentrates just come straight off.

Coffee Mugs

mug stoner tools
Cooking a small amount of cannabis oil is easy in a mug or souffle dish. Source:

A souffle dish or mug is your best friend if you want to try your hand at making a small quantity of coconut cannaoil.

Cosmetic Bags

Ladies and gents, cosmetics bags are perfect for transporting your smoking gear around in. Your vaporizer or rig can travel safely, especially if it’s a padded make up bag. The side pockets and sections are great for organizing your papers and other tools too!


Not only are bandanas badass, but they’re perfect for wrapping up a small rig if you’re taking it on the road. I keep bandanas handy all the time – they can clean up a spill, they can protect your smoking gear on the road and you can use it to dry the water out of your piece before you pack it up.

Lip Balm

stoner tools
Keep lip balm and other small containers to keep concentrates in. Source:

If you can’t live without lip balm, keep those lip balm tubs to stash your concentrates in. They’re often more discreet than standard packaging, so if you’re trying to hide your habit, lip balm is the way to go!

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Metal Skewers

Metal skewers are the perfect fast fix if you are dying to dab and can’t find your dabbing tool! They’re usually used for grilling, ask your Dad where he keeps them.

Medicine Bottles

bottle stoner tool
Make tincture at home with Everclear and weed. Source:

If you have dark glass medicine bottles in the house, grab some Everclear and make yourself a home tincture.


Your home fridge and freezer are the perfect place to keep your pipe if you are always looking for a smoother smoke. Cooling down your piece means the hot smoke will also cool down nicely before it hits your throat. Similar to the idea of putting ice in your bong, really.


Gum containers, ramikens and small tupperware containers can be ideal for hiding joints or small amounts of bud. I keep one by my bed with finely ground Mary Jane for late night vaping sessions.


toothbrush stoner tool
Keep a spare toothbrush handy for Mary Jane. Source:

We all have a toothbrush. I’m not suggesting you use your toothbrush to get high with, but a spare is a worthwhile tool to keep handy. A toothbrush can reach tricky areas when cleaning rigs, bongs and pipes. Some longer handled bigger brushes are great too, the handles often bend!


pencil stoner tool
Pens and pencils are for more than just coloring between the lines. Source:

Pens and pencils are the perfect tool for pushing the bud down in your joint or bowl. I’m fussy about my pens and like them a consistent size, but just use what you have on hand!