The Marvel universe is set to expand this May with Captain America: Civil War, and the internet is abuzz with talk about the cast. So, naturally, we asked the tough questions — what strain would Steve Rogers smoke? After days and days of research and deliberation, we picked Blue Dot. How did we come to this? Let’s break it down! There’s more to it than just being an American grown strain.

Understanding Captain America

To understand the decision you first need to understand the American Superhero:

  • He’s highly athletic and constantly active thanks to an experimental government program titled “Project: Rebirth” and his utter determination to do the right thing.
  • Being a leader means more than just knowing and doing the right things, and the Captain excels in every way. He’s upbeat and never lets the enemy get him down, even after a terrible childhood.
  • As a shield user for his primary weapon you can imagine how difficult it must be to use it in direct battle aside from a reflective device, but Captain America is more creative than your average person, often using the shield as a projectile device bounced off the environment!

Captain America Weed

Those are the three main factors about him we used that landed us on Blue Dot. Because each strain brings about a different type of high, trying to find the perfect one for Captain America was a bit challenging. There’s plenty of sativa strains available to hit these points, but none do it in the way we imagined he would enjoy through his everyday activities:

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So why Blue Dot?

Captain America Blue Dot
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Have you ever gotten into an argument so nerdy and heated you thought to yourself afterwards, “I should probably cool it?” Try discussing which strain best suits who in the Marvel universe with some other stoner fans, believe me it can turn out just like that before you know it! When we finally did end up on Blue Dot it was because it addressed every point we’d made about the man and through a little experimentation of our own found it was more than we expected.

  • The high is very uplifting and leaves you with a sense of euphoria, but doesn’t overpower you in the slightest thanks to the indica in the strain itself. That slight addition helps give you a good focus on top of a boost to your creativity; it practically screams “Captain.”
  • It’s an amazing strain for stress relief, and we’re fairly sure Captain America deals with his fair share of that one. Anything that can help him deal with the struggles of being a living legend!
  • A few lustful fans have even stated the aroma is akin to what they’d imagine from him as well, and even though I decided just to take their word for it I wanted to include it anyhow.

Captain America is the staple boy of optimism and high-energy without sacrificing your mental state, and Blue Dot fills that role to a T!