The joint is a classic image of weed consumption. When it comes to connoisseurs, most have very specific preferences when it comes to which rolling paper to use. Some are inclined to use the classics, such as Zig Zags or Clubs, and some choose to venture out with organics or flavored papers, like Elements or Bambu Cherry. While there is no right or wrong choice, which is the best for you? Be sure to check out our joint rolling hacks article to master this necessary skill.

The Thick-Clouded Classics


zigzag114 Which rolling paper to use?

You can’t go into a convenience store or gas station without seeing the orange package with the moustached man confidently staring at you. The classic Zig Zag brand, from France, was originally created for tobacco use and has become a staple in every joint-smoker’s drawer. With their reliable glue strip and firm paper, they’re easy to roll with, but tend to burn quickly.


Another oldie, but a goodie, are Clubs. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and are thin and durable with an adhesive to match Zig Zag that leaves almost no taste.

Nature’s Best Papers

If you lean more towards the organic side for most choices, then there are plenty of rolling papers to choose from. Hemp, rice and even maize are just some of the natural resources used instead of bleached paper.

RAW Papers

Raw Papers - Which Rolling Paper to Use?

This 100% vegan and hemp rolling paper brand, burns clean and allows the user to fully enjoy the flavors of the joint. One downside is the glue isn’t always sticky and can easily be overworked.

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Randy’s Papers


If you would rather not burn your fingers, try Randy’s. The wire lined papers create a unique smoking experience. The medium weight hemp papers burn evenly and protect your fingertips thanks to the preinstalled roach clip!

Papyrus Papers

Papyrus Papers - Which Rolling Paper to Use?

Looking to impress your friends by how far out you really are? Papyrus Papers, their logo an alien wearing a pharaoh’s hat, prints hieroglyphics on their 100% hemp and Arabic gum papers. When deciding which rolling paper to use, discover the esoteric meaning of life through the smoke clouds of your next joint!

Elements Papers


If hemp doesn’t appeal to you, then Elements is a great natural alternative. Made out of thin rice paper, Elements has an effective sugar gum adhesive and allows the true flavors of the herb to come through. Although they burn evenly, they can disappear quicker than expected. Organic papers overall have a cleaner burn than classic papers.

A Kaleidoscope of Flavors

Flavored Papers - Which Rolling Paper to Use?

Sometimes it’s okay to try a paper less-rolled. Flavored papers are great for occasions, and there are more than enough flavors to choose from.

Juicy Jay


Visually appealing, and delicious! Juicy Jay papers are loaded with flavor and style, but the glue is known to unstick, especially after being handled and passed around a lot.

Skunk Papers


Skunk brand papers don’t have a huge selection of flavors, but their Hawaiian Skunk papers are delicious, burn slowly, and the glue seems to hold up exceptionally well.

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Maybe you want your papers to taste like, well, marijuana. Bambu creates a light cannabis flavored paper to ensure your joint tastes like a real joint – no mistaking the flavor with these papers!


There is no right or wrong when choosing which rolling paper to use. The classics are durable with a tried and true adhesive, making them a great paper to learn how to roll with. While some love the classics, always reliable and nostalgic, others can enjoy wild flavors from watermelon to chocolate. Organic rolling papers offer a clean burn and the slim papers hold up better than expected. Sometimes the glue may fall short but you’re able to really taste your joint. The only real way to find out which one you prefer is to experiment. Let us know your favorite papers in the comments below!