One of the most tedious stereotypes that weed lovers have been foisted with is the notion that we are all lazy good-for-nothings. Too many movies and TV shows feature the dopey, hooded stoner character, who is usually either a benignly stupid man-child or a latter-day Summer of Love hippie, completely incapable of anything even remotely definable as “productive”. So on behalf of all real-life stoners, I reject this silly notion: not only does weed help induce creativity, if used correctly it can even turbo-charge productivity. Here are some tips help you induce a productive high:

Don’t Overdo it

This one should be obvious: don’t toke, rip or vape to the point of being completely mindblasted. In fact, don’t rip at all – you inhale a lot more if you’re using a bong, wasting a lot of precious THC. Instead, take just a few tokes of a joint. Or enjoy a joint heavily packed with tobacco, if you’re of the European persuasion. This will tickle your neurons enough to enhance their connectivity and get you thinking outside the box – not to mention making you more relaxed, resulting in a productive high.

Sativa can help induce a productive high

Sativa it Up

The best strains for this are light, clear sativas, which provide less couch-lock and more head-glow than their sister indica strains. For those who are yet to know the difference, check out our articles on the subject.

Smoke Earlier in the Day

Clearly, it would be folly to smoke a joint in the evening after work, with the hopes of receiving a productive high. The rule of thumb here is: if you wouldn’t be productive at a given time when sober, then you probably won’t be productive when high. Contrary to majority perception, cannabis is something that heightens sensations (eating, pleasure, relaxation, etc) – so use it to complement your existing mood and energy level.

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Coffee can help with productivity as well


There just isn’t a better way to generate hype than with a fresh cuppa joe! You might even try a cannabis infused coffee or cocoa. But seriously, coffee (or anything else caffeinated) really does help train your focus. Drink the coffee first and then smoke, for the best effect.