There are a variety of different joint tips and filters you can use to upgrade your joints – they hold joints together, maintaining the shape and making them easier to handle. Whether you’re using store-bought joint tips and filters, or makeshift ones, like a piece of fuselli pasta (seriously – try this one. It’s very popular in Spain and is a biodegradable and tasty option), there are many benefits to joint tips. These include the increasingly popular wooden and plastic joint tips that you can attach to your rolled joints and reuse between joints.


Joint Tips Help With Holding the Shape

This is especially useful if you aren’t the best at rolling joints. A filter provides you with a great shape to hold the joint together as you’re doing the actual rolling. If you have particularly sticky weed, it also helps the entire joint stay together as you smoke it and the end can suffer for lack of structural integrity as the resin really starts to build up.

Joint tips are great for maintaining the structure of your joint too – holding it’s shape as it gets passed around and handled by numerous people. Joint tips also keep the joint dry, meaning that your paper won’t unravel, ruining even the craftiest joints.


Perfect Airflow

Using joint tips and filters allows you to experiment with airflow to get your joint burning just right. This comes down to personal preference, but paired with your favorite papers, rolling style and these tips, you can figure out your trademark rolling style that works the best for you.

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Without a filter you might also end up with bits and pieces of your weed in your mouth and teeth – always a gross surprise and a waste of precious THC (if the THC hasn’t been activated, which happens through the process of heating or incinerating it, the body isn’t going to metabolize it nearly as well). Over time, this can certainly add up to a lot of wasted weed and green bits stuck in your teeth. A joint tip added to the end regularly addresses most of the same concerns, particularly filtering bits of weed from getting into your mouth.

No Roaches to Deal With

Not everyone wants to have to deal with a roach at the end of his or her smoke. Having a joint tip / filter ensures that you can finish every little bit of weed and you aren’t left having to figure out how to re-purpose those bits at the end of a joint. It also means fewer burnt fingers at the end of each joint with some room to spare for your fingers.