Pet peeves are always a fun topic! I cannot stand people that make it impossible to have a relaxed, courteous smoke session. I wish some of the worst things that I can come up with on those sorts of people: like maybe that a balloon pops while they’re inflating it. Or, if the offense is particularly egregious, it’s my sincerest hope that they walk through a spiderweb unexpectedly.

Weed and weed culture aren’t free of these types. We’ve previously discussed stoner etiquette, but some of us only learn through doing these cringe-inducing things – that’s why puberty was invented, after all. We’ve compiled a list of common stoner pet peeves to serve both as a repository for your collection of PREACH gifs and a guide on what not to do.

Wetting the joint


Just leave your bodily fluids at the door, in fact. Nothing puts a wet blanket on a shared joint like a moistened roach. It’s the adulthood version of a Pixy Stick gone afoul, and every bit as gross.

If you’re sick and the joint comes your way and you still think having a puff is a good idea, then I don’t even know what to say to you. You’re this kid.

annoying childhood friend

Not hitting the corner


If you’re sharing a bowl, hitting the corner is a must. It means that everybody gets some green. Lighting up the same way you’d do at home alone means that you’ll torch all the best bits for yourself. Bad if you’re the owner, infinitely worse if you’re not. This feeds into out next pot peeve…

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Being stingy


You might not always have herb, and that’s fine. But don’t become the stoner who is always dankrupt and comes with a litany of excuses as to why they can’t pitch in for snacks. Being short on cash is fine, but there are surely other things you can do to make up for it. At the very least, show some courtesy and make up for it next time.

Stoking paranoia


Not so much in legal states, but yelling COPS! like it’s the new crying wolf is a great way to completely shatter the good vibes of a party. We know rationally that the police generally have better things to do than break up a puff puff, pass session, but highs aren’t always so rational. Making people anxious is a shitty thing to do, so remember that silence is always preferred to spouting off something that ruins the good vibes.

Being a sober snob


Speaking of rational, the worst thing you can do to annoy stoners is to be that one sober person, silently judging the rest of the group. Being the only sober one among high friends is mutually uncomfortable. If you’re that person, avoid making the group anxious by not asking too many questions or standing around if everyone is sitting down. Instead, try to read the room and have a good time.

Pet peeves vary from person to person, and these are just a small sampling of what’s out there. Let us know your personal peeves in the comments, and the appropriate punishments for them!

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