Looking to sneak a toke on the go? These stealth smoking devices will allow you to medicate or enjoy your cannabis discreetly, without arousing too much suspicion.

Puff-it Portable Vaporizer

puff-it portable vaporizer - Stealth Smoking - Cannahacker
Source: GotVape.com

In some states you can get a medical marijuana prescription for asthma, and this vaporizer is cleverly disguised as an asthma inhaler. With adjustable temperature and a sleek design the Puff-It is a great stealth smoking device for the sneaky stoner.

EZ Pipe

The EZ pipe makes a great stealth smoking device
Source: GetEZPipe.com

A stashbox, lighter, and one-hitter in one tiny package, the EZ pipe is a great all-in-one option. With an airtight chamber, smokers can close up the pipe after inhaling and quickly put the EZ Pipe right back in a pocket.

Flexible Stealth Pipe

Flexible Stealth Pipe for Stealth Smoking - Cannahacker
Source: WeedGadgets.Com

When not in use, this pipe clips into an innocuous ring shape. Nothing to see here…

Indica Vaporizer

Indica Vaporizer
Source: WeedGadgets.Com

Another camouflaged vaporizer is the Indica, which resembles a traditional Zippo lighting. This vape charges via micro USB, and can provide up to 2 hours of stealth smoking in one compact package.

The “High” Lighter Pipe

The classic high lighter - highlighter pipe
Source: WeedGadgets.com

Hidden within this fake permanent marker is a sneaky bowl, perfect for a surreptitious smoke.

As more states adjust their stances toward the criminalization of marijuana, maybe these stealth devices won’t be as necessary, but for now stoners have an array of options for the sly smoke. Enjoy!

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