Sometimes you get to that point where you’re all ready to smoke up, and find that you just don’t have a pipe. Maybe an excited dog knocks over your only bong, causing it to shatter, or maybe you’re just the victim of poor planning. Either way, we’ve got your back with five things you can make into a pipe that you probably have around your home.

Apples and Lemons both come in handy when you don't have a pipe

Apple or Lemon

Really, just about any fruit or vegetable that’s dense enough and able to retain its shape while being carved into will do. Apples and lemons are among the most highly recommended, though, due to the citrus and other juices that will seep into your weed, resulting in some interesting flavors in your smoke.

Start by carving a bowl in the top of the fruit or vegetable that you’ve chosen. For lemons, apples, and several similar fruits, this will be where the stem is. Carve the bowl until it is big enough, on an apple this is about ¾ of the way down, and for a lemon it is similar. Next you carve a smaller tunnel from the side into the hollowed out core. This is where you’re actually going to smoke from. Finally, dry out the bowl or line it with tinfoil before adding weed. Careful with knives if you’re trying this while already high!

don't have a pipe ? Try a toilet paper roll instead.

Toilet Paper Steamroller

This is a relatively simple option for when you don’t have a pipe, made from a toilet paper roll and some tinfoil. Cover one end of the roll with a piece of tinfoil, and carve a small hole in one side of it. You can finally make a bowl using either tinfoil, or something else that you might be able to find around the house that would work. Many people suggest using the socket piece from a socket wrench based upon the size that you want. It is often made of stainless steel, which can be a better option than tinfoil. By cutting the hole just a little smaller than the socket size, and resting it into it, the socket piece can fit in quite well.

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Water Bottle Gravity Bong

For this you’re going to need a two liter bottle; the kind that you can get for either water, or most pop drinks (or soda, depending where you’re from), and you’re going to need some sort of larger thing for it to sit in – it can be a bathtub, a sink, a bucket, or even just a particularly large bowl. Cut a little less than half the bottle off of the bottom of the bottle, and then lower it into the larger container, which should be filled with water. Finally, create a small bowl from the cap using tinfoil, ingenuity, or even carefully using an old pipe. Fill the bowl and slowly pull it out of the water while its lit. This will fill the container with smoke. Just before the bottom pulls out of the water, hold it in place and pull the lid off. Then put your lips over where the bowl just was, and inhale. This is one of the best ways to get a lot of bang for your buck from a small amount of weed when you don’t have a pipe.

Four Liter Waterfall

Also made from plastic containers, though this can be either the two liter variety or the larger four liter variety that you can get milk or juice from in some areas, the four liter waterfall is a little more difficult to reuse. You need to make a bowl out of tinfoil that leads into a small hole that you’ve cut in the top of the cap for the plastic bottle or jug. Burn or cut a small hole near the bottom of the container – this will be your carb. With your thumb over the carb, fill the container with water. Still holding this closed, possibly with the help of a friend, screw the cap and bowl on to the container. As you let go of the carb, light the product so the water pouring out of the carb draws the smoke from the bowl. When the water is just about below the carb, cover it again. Pull off the cap and inhale from the top.

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Don't have a pipe? Try tinfoil

Tinfoil Silver Bullet

This might be one of the simplest things to do if you don’t have a pipe. Tear off a sizable piece of tinfoil, and roll it into a tube. Either using what you have, or carefully adding more and folding it together, create a bowl. Be sure to crimp the segment between the bowl and the tube. Congratulations! You’ve created a simple, multiple use pipe.