We’ve all been there.

After a solid smoke session, the phone rings. That certain someone — or someones — you absolutely do not want to know you smoke is coming over, and soon. Far too soon to attempt to deep clean the crib.

Whether it’s your parents, your landlord, or that certain someone you’ve been seeing but are not quite ready to initiate the weed conversation with quite yet — whomever that someone is, they’re headed this way.

So what to do? You could just sit and wait, but doing nothing risks a tongue lashing from mom and dad, a firing from the boss, or worse — losing the opportunity at a chance with that certain someone.

Don’t risk it! Instead, use these three fast hacks from Cannahacker to quickly eliminate marijuana smell from your apartment, home, or just about anywhere indoors.

1. The Doob Fan

The scent doesn’t have a chance when you combine a doob tube and a fan.

If you’re someone who has ever had to hide your habit, you probably know what a doob tube is. For those who are fortunate to never need it, a doob tube is the inner tube of a paper towel roll stuffed with dryer sheets. After a hit, the doob tube is exhaled into, forcing the smoke through the dryer sheets. This masks the smoked cannabis smell with the sweet smell of ‘Morning Rain’, or ‘Sea Side Beach’, or ‘New Car Smell’. Okay, that last one is a car air freshener type, but you get the idea.

The doob tube is a great tool to preemptively eliminate marijuana smell, but at this point the deed has been done, so the doob tube must be taken to the next level.

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Desk fans are a great way to get air moving (duh), but simply moving the marijuana smoke smell around the house just won’t be enough. So, to quickly eliminate marijuana stench, combine the doob tube idea with a desk fan. Simply tape dryer sheets around the circumference of the fan, and turn the fan on. That’s it. The forced air through the fan and past the dryer sheets will fill the crib with sweet smells, masking the recent marijuana smoke smell. Mission accomplished.

2. The Crosswind

A stiff crosswind can do wonders to get rid of the smell of marijuana.

If dryer sheets or Febreeze are not something readily available in your living space (you should probably look into that), use good ol’ fashion Mother Nature.

Open up all the doors and windows you can, allowing as much air flow as possible. Keep windows and doors as long as possible before closing most of them just before the unknowing guests arrive. Do not close all windows and doors, however. Instead, leave a window or door open on either side of the house. Two seconds of ocular research will indicate the most direct air flow patheway. Backdoor-front door, front door-upstairs window, front window-back window; no matter the combo, be sure to leave an air flow path open at all times.

This method should be used when there’s a slight bit more time afforded to you before guests arrive. Using this in combination with hack #1 will eliminate marijuana smell even quicker.

3. The Rub Down

Rub down pillows and couch cushions with slightly soapy hands to remove the smell on fabric.

If extremely pressed for time, it’s time to get hands-y.

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Wash your hands thoroughly with SOAP and water. While rinsing, allow a slight bit of soap to remain on your hands.

Give them a quick shake – DO NOT DRY. Instead, take your half-wet hands (with a slight bit of soap remaining on them) and vigorously rub them into the couch and couch cushions, pillows, even the carpet. Anything with a fabric surface that could potentially trap any lingering marijuana smell must be given a hard rub down. That includes your clothes, if you happen to be out of cologne or perfume, as well.

After the quick fabric massage, give the surface the personal smell test. If you can still smell the lingering marijuana stench, repeat rubbing until desired effect is achieved.