Do you know how to twax a joint? Do you know why you should twax a joint? Does ‘twax’ sound like something you’d do in a club, leaving you really confused right now? Check this out:

Twaxing a joint involves adding wax to it, either inside of it or outside of it. Twaxed joints burn more slowly and pack a more potent punch than their un-twaxed counterparts. Twaxing your joints is an easy way to maximize potency out of very little marijuana product: all you need is some weed and some concentrate or reclaim. If you love smoking joints but don’t have a large stash on hand, try this method of conserving!

Small joints with some twaxing can get you rightly toasted! If you still haven’t figured it out yet, don’t stress: twaxing combines dabs and smoking cannabis, combusting the two products together. Generally wax or concentrate is placed inside or along or around the outside of the joint. Twaxed joints provide a different high to either smoking or doing dabs alone, and the intensity and potency contributes to smart a strategy for stretching out a low stash.

What is Twaxing?

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Twaxing is basically adding kief, hash, oil, wax or concentrates to the inside, outside or both or your joint. The concentrates and hash are higher potency than the cannabis flower so the joint is stronger and will burn more slowly due to the material the concentrates are made out of. You can twax a joint or a bowl. Twaxing a bowl means adding an amount of concentrate on top of the bowl or among the cache of cannabis in the bowl. You might have done this with kief in the past!

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What to Twax With?

While BHO, wax, concentrates and rosin are not yet super common in non-legal states, it is becoming easier to produce your own. Rosin tech is simple and quick with few tools, and other extraction methods are common too. You don’t need to find or buy the finest topshelf dankest wax or shatter on the market to make a solid twaxed joint. In fact, focus first on technique, then ensure that your product is up to scratch. Try cleaning your rig to reclaim something twaxable if you don’t want to spend money on full-price product! A lot of product might be wasted at the start, experimenting is key!

Twax Now

Remember, concentrates can come in many forms. Runny, sticky waxes; malleable putties and fragile crumbles, glass-like shatter and goopy, messy clear resins. Choose your taxing material carefully, and make sure you have some key tools on hand to avoid wasting your concentrates!

Key items

  • Isoproply alcohol to remove wax from fingers
  • Dabbing tool to prevent making a horrible sticky mess
  • Lighter to heat wax if needed to soften
  • Silicon mat to avoid sticking wax and concentrates everywhere
  • Joint rolling equipment: papers, filter and the cannabis concentrate of your choice

How To Twax A Joint: The Easy Way

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Apply the wax, oil or concentrate to the inside of the joint. Collect that kief from your grinder and press with the rosin technique to make something that resembles rosin more than hash or kief. If you’re not into joints, add the kief or concentrates to your bowl before sparking up. Spreading concentrates through a joint can be tricky so use a dabbing tool or roll your concentrates into a small snake length.

How To Twax A Joint: The Hard Way

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Apply the wax to the outside of the joint. Depending on the consistency of the product you are working with, you might be able to roll or twist the cannabis extract into a long thin snake. That can be wound or twisted around the outside of the joint in a decorative manner. You can also lightly heat some of the concentrate on a dab stick and smear it carefully along the edge of your spliff. Be careful of the wax on the outside dripping on you when you light your joint!