Cannabis concentrates are not just for hardcore stoners, guys. Cannabis in concentrated form can be ingested orally, it can be ‘dabbed’ or it can be used in cooking. ExtractCraft, a new company in the cannabis sphere, has recently announced their cannabis extractor, Source, which aims to make concentrates even easier.

Source is a discreet appliance designed to extract cannabis flower in the kitchen at home. Source uses alcohol, a vacuum and gentle warming to create cannabis concentrates but the opportunities for creativity in the kitchen extend much further: the Source can be used to make non-cannabis infused products such as essential oils, alternative medicines, cocktails, brewed refreshments, wines, fragrances and aromatherapy.

You can even use cannabis concentrate to make edibles with! This vacuum device is perfect for stoners who have been searching for a low-odor extraction method: no weed smells in the house means discretion. Additionally, the alcohol that you use to extract your concentrates can be reused and recycled for your next extraction.

Constructed with dishwasher safe materials, the Source can extract between half an ounce and an ounce of cannabis into a concentrated product in two hours. The process of creating your own cannabis concentrates is pretty straightforward: ExtractCraft has a simple 9-step guide on their website for users to follow, and there is no mess to clean up.

If you are looking to start a stoner science lab in your kitchen, this should be your first investment… pre-order now for $420 at Extract Craft.

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