Learning how to reduce stress is important. Stress is one of the facts of daily life that not many people like to talk about because it’s stressful. There’s a million different things that can affect someone at any point in time that can cause them to feel stressed out, and the longer time goes on the more stressors we’re seeing on the rise. Regardless of what ends up affecting you, there’s plenty of things you can do that go well with smoking weed to really help get you feeling better about everything.

Stress doesn’t have to be the defining characteristic of your life, start taking back control with any one of these six activities – each proven to be effective in the fight against stress!

Stretch Out with Some Yoga

reduce stress levels

One of the best ways you can reduce your stress levels is with some light yoga. Studies have shown that yoga, even for the average beginner, can help you feel like your mind is getting back to normal — some added flexibility on top of that is just a nice perk to have.

Go Get a Little Exercise in the Great Outdoors

reduce stress

Some people say that there’s nothing better for your soul than to reconnect with nature, without any technology around. Those people are right. You could take yourself on a nice hike, head outside for a round of disc golf or even just go for a swim; smoking some weed beforehand could just increase your likelihood of winning a Gold Medal in the Olympics!

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Try to Sit Back and Meditate

reduce stress

In order to reach a heightened state of mind you’ll first need to deal with the stressors that are plaguing your mind, and a phenomenal way to reduce stress is through meditation. Sit back and get in touch with yourself in a world where you have to be focused on a million things at once and you’ll see just how quickly all your problems simply fall away.

Listen to or Play Some Music

reduce stress

Most people listen to music, and I say most and not all only because I have known a couple that didn’t enjoy any at all — they were weird. Outside of the weird ones, studies have proven that listening to music can help soothe anxiety as well as aid in lowering your heart rate and blood pressure! No matter what genre you prefer, music is a great way to reduce stress.

Treat Yourself to a Massage

reduce stress levels

Your body will almost never feel as good as it does when you walk out of a good old-fashioned massage, just save the happy endings for a more personal setting! Studies have proven that while a massage is definitely good for your body, it also helps lower your cortisol levels (the hormone most associated with stress) which is important if you want to reduce stress.

Get Freaky

reduce stress

One of the best ways to calm your mind and aid in stress relief is by having sex (who would have guessed, right?). Beyond the physical touch of another person, sex can give you a feeling of social connectedness, it forces you to breathe deeper while exerting yourself and it’s all topped off with a nice endorphin overload to your system — all things that help on their own!

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