How to Roll a Joint

These joint rolling hacks will help you step up your roll game.  Whether you’re new to rolling, or a seasoned papers-veteran, these tips will help you make the most of your joints.

1. Store Your Papers Properly

As with most things in life – if you take care of things they’ll take care of you. Whether we’re talking about weed or papers, you need to make sure that it is stored well or you might run into problems. Your papers should be kept away from moisture, or the glue won’t stick properly leaving you with a flimsy joint.

Joint Rolling Hacks 1 - Store Your Papers

2. Keep Bud Away From Light

Marijuana loses potency if it is exposed to light and heat while it is in storage. Be sure to put it in an opaque and insulated container when it is in storage. Don’t have a suitable container handy? That’s why we’re here with the joint rolling hacks. Just line the container with black or dark construction paper and you’re good to go.

Joint Rolling Hacks 2 - Keep The Light Away

3. Find the Perfect Strain or Mix

Herbs & Tobacco

Some people add tobacco or herbs to their joints to make the joint last longer, create particular flavors or effects, and let the weed “breathe”. Joint rolling hacks involving Lavender, thyme, damiana, and other herbs have been around for a while. These can all be mixed into joints and provide different flavors and enhance your high. Tobacco is commonly used in spliffs, and offers a unique smoking experience as well.

Joint Rolling Hacks 3 - Get The Right Combination


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This one is half art and half science. In part, this is going to shift based upon the type of joint that you’re rolling.  Others add various THC concentrates to their joints to increase the intensity that’s going into it. When adding THC concentrates, or mixing any sort of narcotics, even if it is just tobacco, be responsible about it and remember that they can interact with your body chemistry in strange ways.

A healthy mix, however, is going to also be a personal choice. It needs to be an even mix, too many large buds will cause it to burn unevenly, and too fine of a mix is going to be very difficult to roll, and have minimal air flow.

Strains for Rolling

As always, a joint is only going to be as good as the weed that you put into it. There are a number of hybrid strains that are prepared specifically for use in joints and they will be quite different from weed prepared for other uses. The strains available for this purpose will vary from dispensary to dispensary.

Using Home Grown Plants

If you have the ability, try to get primarily leaves from the top of the plant as the sun leaves from the lower parts of the plant are harsher and more acrid, especially when they’re smoked through a joint. Not everyone has these kind of resources, however, and it can be hard to make these kind of determinations for your own weed.


Using a filter is not, per se, a requirement. They are, however, often integral to ensuring that your joint is an enjoyable experience rather than a tedious one. When creating your filter, remember that a thicker tip will result in a rougher smoke with more let through, while a narrower one will result in a thinner smoke. Going thinner, however, will also be more likely to clog.

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There’s a lot of literal Joint Rolling Hacks out there.  One you can try is putting the filter in before you roll. It can be a big help with ensuring that the shape is the right, and the size is what you want. This also benefits beginners, helping them get the results they were looking for.

Be quick when wetting the glue and sealing the joint. The longer the glue is wet before securing it, the more likely the glue won’t hold up and unravel mid smoke. You can blot some honey or maple syrup on your paper to help ensure that it will burn more evenly and smoothly, and adds some great flavor to your joint.