Which rolling style best suits your lifestyle?

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Since we tamed fire and domesticated animals, man has been plagued by the desire to create. While this gift (and sometimes curse) has given rise to massive metropolises and an interconnected globe, much more importantly it has produced a number of inventive ways to smoke weed.

We will never get tired of getting high, but branching out and trying new ways to enjoy our herb can bring a new level of satisfaction and a new dimension to one of mankind’s favorite pastimes. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular ways to smoke marijuana without a bong or a bowl, and who knows, you might learn a thing or two.



While the nomenclature may change, the result is the same. A joint, the hand-rolled marijuana cigarette, is a contemporary and easy way to enjoy your Mary Jane. The chief difference between a joint and other rolled ways to smoke cannabis is the choice of paper and the green-only contents. Traditional translucent cigarette paper is common for joints as many smokers say that they prefer to experience the full and complex flavor of their quality bud.

Joints solely utilize cannabis filler (no tobacco or other adulterants) so to get a clean flavor light papers are best. Light papers also burn faster, and a joint is a preferred method of a quick smoking experience for one smoker or to be shared by a small number of people. A smart way to enjoy joints is to pre-roll several and keep them in a hard case—the case prevents damage or smushing—so that they can be smoked throughout the day as a cigarette smoker would enjoy cigarettes.

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While there are flavored or thicker papers available, many smokers prefer the quick and easy translucent cigarette paper for the most flavor and a quick burn experience. Joints aren’t a good fit for sharing with numerous people however; the constant draw from many mouths will consume the fast-burning joint much more quickly than other rolling methods.



Blunts traditionally only include cannabis filler as well, but unlike joints, they are rolled with tobacco paper or tobacco wraps. A better choice for sharing, the thicker and slower burning tobacco wrap means that not only can the blunt withstand more draw without disappearing too quickly, but the stronger wrap can hold more bud. Tobacco papers or wraps are a little more pliable and stronger than thin cigarette paper, and the result is that blunts are often thicker and tighter packed—two characteristics that also contribute to a slower burn.

Blunts can be pre-rolled and enjoyed throughout the day in much the same way as joints, but with the extended burn time, they are not a quick smoke. The tobacco wrapper provides a unique flavor combination with the weed filler, and the result is a different smoking experience from smoking tobacco alone. Plus, the relatively low tobacco content of a blunt means that when inhaled, the smoke still won’t be as harsh as a spliff. The interaction of the tobacco paper or the wrap and the contents of the blunt also contribute to a heavier hitting smoke, so many users save blunts for when they aren’t at work, school, etc. favoring a joint for during-the-day smoking.

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Spliffs are most similar to joints with the exception that they are rolled with a filler that is a mix of cannabis and loose tobacco. Commonly rolled with the same types of paper, spiffs offer an entirely different smoking experience. The tobacco portion of the filler mix offers a quick-acting head rush effect that precedes the onset of the effects of the bud. This, coupled with the unique flavor of marijuana and tobacco combined, makes spliffs a favored choice for some smokers. Likewise, the impact of the high is lower as there is less bud in the filler mix. Specific proportions vary by taste, but a standard mix of 60/40 cannabis to tobacco filler has less of a high effect than a joint rolled with 100% cannabis.

It is not uncommon for some spliff smokers to incorporate filters known as ‘crutches’ into their rolls. Crutches add convenient stability to the roll and allow smokers to enjoy the entire spliff without burning their fingers, something that joint smokers must workaround. Plus, the filter helps reduce the harshness and negative health effects of inhaling unfiltered tobacco smoke.

Like joints, spliffs can be pre-rolled and carried for smoking throughout the day. They are favored for their unique flavor, convenience, and reduced effect. Smokers who enjoy the sweetness of tobacco often roll spliffs for a light high throughout the day and reach for blunts and their heavier-hitting effects for smoking in the evening. Of course, for smokers who enjoy the complex and aromatic flavor of quality bud, a spliff can muddle flavors and detract from the smoking experience so the real determining factor is a matter of preference.

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