Note for the uninitiated: hot-boxing is where you fill an enclosed space with smoke and everyone in it gets high.

Hot-Boxing is one of the most fun and social ways to enjoy weed, so to celebrate I decided to embark on a hot-box odyssey to bring you the definitive list of top hot-box spots. Now, the most popular place to hot-box are cars (small, almost completely airtight, easy seating arrangements) so I didn’t bother trying that out – I went for more adventurous options instead. All this was done over one very smoky weekend, for ease of comparison.


This one is absolutely amazing, especially combined with a hot shower (and a partner) – but is only really feasible in a small bathroom. When I tried this I had both of the above at hand, so I can tell you from personal experience that the steam seems to accentuate your high, and the feeling of the water on your skin is nothing short of delicious. A must-try.


blanket fort

What madness is this – smoking underneath a very flammable object, with high risk of asphyxiation? Clearly, hot-boxing a duvet/bed requires a bit of finesse, not to mention being mindful of your air supply. The best way to do it is with a partner, where you both sit cross-legged on the bed and the duvet covers your heads. The enclosed space means you get very high, and makes you feel a bit like a kid again, like when you and some friends decide to make pillow forts. Feels very cheeky and fun – but proceed with caution!

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tent hotbox

A classic, and perhaps the most social hot-box of all. The space is very enclosed so you get exceptionally high, and everything feels intimate and cozy. Conversations seem to be particularly brilliant and funny as well. Bonus points if you’re at a music festival, it’s raining, and your sleeping bags are damp.

A Small Closet

I was incredibly skeptical before trying this. It turns out a small closet – enough for one or two people to sit down in – is actually a really, really good hot-box spot. Again, it’s best if you’re with someone: the enclosed space and the “hiding” factor makes you feel naughty in a childish kind of way, and for some reason you end up talking in whispers even if there’s no-one else around. Be sure to remove any clothes beforehand, however.


This one’s cheating. I didn’t actually hot-box a sauna specifically for this article, but I did once experience this rarest of hot-box pleasures while in Turkey (don’t ask). To be honest it’s a bit much – being very high and very hot and sweaty at the same time isn’t actually that fun – but it makes for a cracking story.