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Summertime means vacation time for millions of people. Still others elect to stay put, or ‘staycation’. This year, that might include you and your family. If you aren’t living at home, there’s a good chance that at some point this summer you will be staycation-ing while your family comes to you for their vacation.

Living on your own is great freedom, and that freedom includes having your own toking ritual. Whether you have shelves of glass, or just a single rolling tray, regardless of the ritual, it’s all yours and it is true freedom!

But what about when family comes to visit?

Obviously, every family dynamic is different, and only you truly know your family’s feelings towards cannabis, but there are general etiquette rules to you should try to follow. Yes, it’s your house so you rule the roost, but being a good host includes ensuring everyone is content. Follow these simple etiquette rules for a happy family, no matter their toking preference.

What To Do When Family Comes To Visit

Tidy Your Toke

billy on table
Smoke a bowl and clean, starting with the bowl itself.

Like we said, only you know the exact comfort level of your family unit, so only you know how clean is clean enough.

Parents don’t approve? Find a safe hiding spot, or furthermore clean the water out of the bongs and bubblers and stash them away. Pieces devoid of water are much easier to hide than those that must remain upright for fear of spilling. Not to mention the stench would give it all away if one happened to topple over.

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Parents are parENTs? Then they’d certainly appreciate a freshly pristine pipe. Clean your pieces and give them a variety of vessels from which to vape or smoke. Also, lucky you!

Suppress the Smoke

vape pen for when family comes to visit
Use a vape pen with the family in town to keep your toke on the down-low.

Try switching intake methods. Before the folks arrive and after you’ve stashed your…well, stash, you should leave out one smoking device to use conspicuously until the fam has flown the coup. That device should be a vape pen, or portable vaporizer of some sort. This way, even when your chief-in you can stay on the downlow. No smokey cannabis smell!? Thank you water (vapor)!

What Not To Do When Family Comes To Visit

Don’t Be Brash

when family comes to visit
Don’t get upset if your smoking schedule is put off by family. You’ll find the time, eventually.

Relax. You’ll find a quiet time for a nice toke, soon enough. Don’t hold your plans (or guests) back in an attempt to sneak away for a moment. Also, keep the mentioning of marijuana to a minimum. The more you talk about your toke, the more the family will be aware of it, making slipping away nearly impossible. Be patient. Be courteous. Be ready to not smoke on your regular schedule. Mostly, just be present for your parents (and siblings, too)!

Don’t Be Brazen

Just blow it out the window.
Just blow it out the window.

If your fam doesn’t smoke and doesn’t want to see you do it, don’t do it. Or at the very least don’t let them see you doing it. And blowing it in their face is clearly just plain rude. Find some time to yourself in a private room and go to town. Just make sure the door is locked (and the towel trick works too!).

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