Shwing! Everyone’s got a hard-on for sex. The need for sex, or rather, the need for great sex, appeals to humans universally and transcends race, gender, and creed. Humans will try anything; different positions, locations, sex toys and S&M in order to achieve the primal urge. One of the most common methods for better or more desirable sex is to use aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs are substances that when consumed increase sexual desire. Many of these substances are naturally occurring in the world such as avocados, arugula, artichokes and green apples, but what about the worlds most talked about and naturally occurring green substance, cannabis? Is cannabis an aphrodisiac?

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Cannabis has many uses. It is used to make hemp fibre, oils, body lotions and medicinal products. However, cannabis is most commonly used as a recreational drug. Cannabis contains the psychoactive constituent THC which when consumed can cause heightened mood, relaxation, increase in appetite, or feelings of paranoia and anxiety. It’s effects on libido and sex, like most research on cannabis, is varied and contradictory.

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Anecdotal evidence is overwhelmingly supportive of cannabis’ positive effects on sex. In an informal poll in Psychology Today, 67% of people felt enhanced their sex life where as only 12% reported it decreasing their libido and 20% claiming it depends on circumstance and user. After using cannabis, Women have reported heightened senses and excitement during sex and men claim they have harder, longer lasting erections. Remember, this evidence isn’t definitive and could merely be internet fodder or blogger opinion. However, it has stimulated more rigorous research.

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Some scientific research is at odds with anecdotal reports. Chronic cannabis consumption has been linked to infertility in men and abnormal ovulation in females. And many studies agree that it lowers testosterone in both sexes. Testosterone is a key hormone which triggers desire and therefore decreased levels have a negative effect on libido.

Facts and anecdotal evidence aside, cannabis is a drug and it affects everyone differently. Is cannabis an aphrodisiac? No. Can it enhance the overall sexual experience? Absolutely! Cannabis is a possible mood enhancer, not a definite mood changer. Have a toke and see what works for you.