There’s a certain mystique that comes along with the words ‘Boulder, Colorado’.

Visions of gorgeous, jutting mountain landscapes and small-town hospitality are connected to the place like Colorado is connected to cannabis. And yes, Boulder boasts boatloads of bud. Which also means plenty of places to partake… legally!

Here are the top five best Boulder smoke spots at which you can legally smoke:

1. Sunshine Canyon Shangri-La (AirBnB)

amazing boulder smoke spots
Sunshine Canyon Shangri-La

That’s right, AirBnB has stepped up its game, allowing homeowners the option of being 420 friendly!

The Sunshine Canyon Shangri-La is located just outside of Boulder (but still in Boulder county). Guests here are allowed the use of cannabis in all common areas, and all balconies and porches. With views like the one above, it’s no wonder this and other cannabis-friendly spots are becoming hot commodities for tree-loving travelers.

This swanky Shangri-la runs for $129/night, which is much cheaper than any high-rise hotel in downtown Boulder. It takes a $14 UBER ride to get downtown from Sunshine Canyon, according to the listing, so guests can get all the comforts of home (like consuming cannabis) and still be able to check out the Boulder nightlife in a matter of minutes. Two-for-one amazing!

2. At Home

Boulder and Colorado are both known for stunning views and beauty. A perfect smoke spot!

Sound boring? Barely! Boulder’s beauty is not limited to only one canyon or area, but rather twenty-six square miles of breathtaking scenery, wildlife, and stunning mountain peaks in both the city itself, as well as the surrounding area. While most ‘wildlife’ in the city is the form of homo sapiens, an occasional wild animal makes its way to town every now and again.

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Whether people watching, wildlife spotting, or just simply enjoying the scenery, Boulder allows for all of it right from the comfort of residents’ homes. Why seek out adventurous smoke spots when the adventure is right at your front door? From taking in the stunning Flat Irons, to listening to the Boulder Creek up the canyon, this city has it all, right within its limits.

They say your favorite chair is the one at home. It might as well be your favorite smoke spot, as well!

3. The Flat Irons

Majestic and epic, the flatirons will blow your mind!

After staring up at these majestic monoliths, it makes sense you may muster motivation to meander up into the mountains. The trails range from extremely easy to some of the most technical and challenging hikes in the region, so be sure to pay attention to signage (and maybe wait until the top to toke).

NOTE: While you are more likely to get a gentle head nod or maybe even a proposal for a hit from most Boulder-dwellers, consuming cannabis in public areas in Colorado is NOT PERMITTED. You may only incur a fine from the cops at the worst, and may even start a friendly smoke circle at the top at the best – just don’t be disrespectful.

Be a respectful cannabis user and set a precedent. Do that, and Boulderites won’t be bothered by your bud. Even more, you will be afforded the opportunity to take in incredible views while you toke. All after a simple walk in the woods. Amazing.

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4. Marijuana-Friendly Hotels

Pot friendly hotels are increasingly common in rec states!

It just wouldn’t be Boulder if you didn’t get just a little something…extra. The marijuana-friendly hotels are no exception. Meet: The Castle-B.

Located in downtown Boulder, only 2 blocks from the bustling Pearl St. walking mall, The Castle-B isn’t just a hotel that accommodates 420 travelers with a stunning ‘smokers’ balcony’ with unreal views, it is so much more! Hostess Miss Patty will personalize your experience while staying, guiding you to, from, and through all beautiful Boulder has to offer.

The hotel has a workshop/meeting space that can hold up to 10 attendees, and is great as guest speaker accommodations for those scheduled at the Boulder Theater or ETown Hall, the local venues only steps away.

At only $149/night, The Castle-B is relatively inexpensive for downtown Boulder accommodations. But there is a catch. The Castle-B books only one guest reservation per night. You stay there by yourself (or with you significant other), with no other hotel guests. This exclusivity, along with the affordability – and not to mention the 420-friendly service – makes The Castle-B an extremely popular place for toking travelers.

5. Marijuana Clubs

Just a 10-15 minute drive up the Boulder Canyon will get you into the small town of Nederland, Colorado. The people are welcoming and friendly, which may go to explain how Nederland became the first place in the country with a licensed cannabis club, Club Ned.

Nestled in the Boulder mountains, Club Ned welcomes all types, from first-time users to seasoned smokers. There’s always something going on at Club Ned, check out their calendar for info on Lego Days (what!?) and open music jams.

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Everything is BYOM (Bring Your Own Marijuana), but Club Ned does provide vessels in which to partake, from pipes and bongs to vaporizers of all sizes.

NOTE: To access Club Ned, you’ll need to drive. When returning to Boulder, don’t drive high. Period. It’s just not cool…especially around such twisting mountain roads… Instead, find a safe alternative and have a blast!