There are some strange specialty strains on the market. As a cannabis connoisseur, you’ve inevitably heard of Charlotte’s Web, the CBD-dominant specialty strain cultivated to combat seizures, specifically in young children. The original creator of the strain named it after his daughter Charlotte, a young girl who also suffered from sudden seizures.

Like so many marijuana strain names, Charlotte’s Web is memorable, concise, and catchy. Unlike many of the strangest specialty strains, however, the name actually makes sense, and is truly appropriate, being named after the creator’s daughter.

Some of the strangest specialty strains come with equally strange, nearly nonsensical, and maybe even inappropriate, strain names.

Charlie Sheen

Strangest Specialty Strains
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Despite being an Indica-dominant strain, this strange strain will make you as awake as a wide-eyed Charlie Sheen. Forget couch lock, this cross between the now infamous green crack and Hindu Kush will have you cleaning the set-stained tiger’s blood out of your couch cushions for hours.

The euphoric energy rush felt by this strange specialty strain is great for socializing, as long as its in a comfortable environment. A few wrong moves and the real Charlie Sheen comes out – leading to a heightened paranoid state.

Sour Russian

Strangest Specialty Strains
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The buds of this strange-named 70/30 indica/sativa hybrid has the appearance of miniature Christmas trees when first harvested. Unlike its crazy cousin Charlie from above, this Indica-dominant strain locks you to the couch – strong body highs felt when using Sour Russian typically last over 3 hours, solidly.

In fact, the couch lock is so significant, Sour Russian has been prescribed medically for insomnia. And with highs lasting hours, SR has plenty of time to develop appetite activation significantly. AKA Stock up on those munchies!

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Romulan Cotton Candy

Strangest Specialty Strains

For once, a strange strain name that could actually make sense, save the first part.

In true strange strain name form, the ‘Romulan’ strains of marijuana are indeed named after the Star Trek alien race. Yea, that makes perfect sense…let’s move on to the second part.

This short, dense plant produces beautiful blue buds with bright orange hairs that are shaped precisely like cotton candy. Luckily, Romulan Cotton Candy hits as good as it looks, and has been known to be an effective pain reliever. In addition, the high will make your head feel like a balloon floating up, up, and away, many times for multiple hours off just one bowl.

Sweet, sugary taste when smoked also matched the strange strain name, so we guess the name makes sense, in the end. But barely. For as good as it smokes, though, we’re inclined to allow it.

Alaskan Thunder F**k

Strangest Specialty Strains
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OH. KAY. This Alaskan legend pulls no punches when it comes to strain name, which fits with its user effects, perfectly.

First created in the 70’s when crossing a Northern California Sativa with a Russian ‘ruderalis‘, or wild strain, the strange strain hit star status when re-bred with heartier Afghani genetics.

Also known as ‘ATF’, or Matanuska Tundra – the valley from which it originates – this now infamous strange Sativa strain is best known for the extremely happy, euphoric, but not overly active highs, and huge buds.

Sweet, yet extremely pungent, ATF is mainly used as an appetite activator, relaxation aide, and general happy-maker.

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MK Ultra

Strangest Specialty Strains
Courtesy: Leafly

This concluding strange strain of cannabis is a real mind f**k.

Named after the mental manipulation techniques employed by the CIA’s ‘Project MK Ultra’, this Indica-dominant strain has intense cerebral effects on the user.

First created by crossing two infamous strains – OG Kush (Sativa) and G-13 (Indica) – this mind-altering strain won 1st Place Indica in the 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup. It placed 2nd in the same category one year later.

The short, stocky nature of the strain plant makes it great for indoor cultivation, but does not decrease yield. Rather, the buds yielded are sticky as they are dense, creating a fast-acting, intense, cerebral-to-the-point-of-immobility high.