It’s a question as old as marijuana use itself. How much weed is too much weed…really? Nowadays, it’s becoming less of a question of overall quantity, and more of a question of environment. The legal marijuana states, and more so the scientific studies allowed in those now legal states are remolding the age-old query.

When Visiting Colorado…

Welcome to ColoradoHow much weed is too much weed?

As a 12+ year resident, downtown bartender, and marijuana writer of Colorado, this one has come up quite a bit since recreational legalization.

It’s pretty well-known the Colorado Springs Airport installed ‘amnesty boxes’ to stash your leftover stash, rather than in a trash can. Unfortunately though, Colorado Springs police are tasked with ‘monitoring the boxes…and destroying the drugs inside’! That’s just a waste.

Denver International Airport has no such program. Stories of Lyft and Uber drivers being tipped in weed, bong hits, and edibles in a last ditch effort to down-load before leaving the state is common online, as well as at the bar.

I understand getting starry-eyed the first time strolling into a dispensary, it happened to me Jan. 1, 2014. Unlike me, however, you have a limited time in magical, colorful Colorado, and wasting weed is amateur. Before you step foot in the state, do some simple math. If an avid cannabis user, predict the amount you typically use per day and stick to it. No need to go overboard.

If you’re inexperienced, but interested in trying cannabis because, ‘when in Rome…’, start with one or two choices. If you run out, why not have that starry-eyed experience again and discover another of Colorado’s countless quality dispensaries!?

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So, how much weed is too much weed when visiting Colorado: Only you can truly decide. Do the math beforehand to be sure. If you’re slapping drove on your Uber driver in desperation en route to DIA…that’s too much weed.

In Terms of Your Health…

Cannabis mental healthHow much weed is too much weed?

With the floodgates now open for legal cannabis research, the health benefits of marijuana seem to be compounding by the day. THC, once simply ‘the psychoactive constituent’ of marijuana, has recently shown far-reaching benefits for a list of diseases and ailments from cancer cell death, to appetite activation in HIV patients going through chemotherapy. Developments in further understanding and application of constituents CBD and CBN continue to discover additional benefits.

Like any drug – prescription, cannabinoid, or otherwise – abuse and acute overuse has been shown to garner negative effects. Studies are ongoing and will take years to publish, since they are only now beginning.

One study published just this month observed patients over a 25-year period, from 1986 – 2011. The study concluded lifetime chronic cannabis use – defined as daily use for the majority of the 25-year period – negatively affected verbal memory in participants. Others have suggested a link between smoking marijuana and cardiovascular and respiratory risk later in life.

Those at the greatest risk for negative marijuana effects are underage users. Significant evidence of adverse effects on underage users’ mental health have been shown by multiple studies.

So, how much weed is too much weed in terms of your health: Preliminary studies appear to suggest a lifetime’s worth may be too much, but are far from conclusive. Stay tuned.

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In Terms of an Overdose…

It would take much more than even this amount to OD.
It would take much more than even this amount to OD on marijuana. Nearly 40k joints!

How much weed is too much weed?

Of course, you simply cannot overdose purely on marijuana. If you have the interest enough in marijuana culture to read this blog, you most likely already know that, or at the very least have heard others say it. The Center for Disease Control tracks the rates of overdose deaths yearly, and year after year marijuana remains at 0. The latest revised publication of overdose rates came out in December, 2015 and – you guessed it – still zero.

The current number widely accepted is 20,000 – 40,000x’s the concentration of one, 1g joint.
Yup, that’s 20k-40k joints to kill you…give or take. The number has fluctuated over time from under 1000, to the current estimate.

So, how much weed is too much weed in terms of the risk of overdose: Way more than you could ever realistically smoke.