Every stoner knows how it goes. You’ve rolled up, smoked up, settled into your high, and then all of a sudden you find yourself with a deep, primal, insatiable appetite for snacks, usually carbohydrate-based. Chips, fries, toast, pop tarts – hell, even plain bread will do in a pinch: as long as it’s in your face, it doesn’t matter. A hour later you’re coming down, your stomach is bloated, and you feel mildly disgusted with yourself as a human being. Ugh.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Instead of viewing the munchies as some dreaded affliction that piles on the pounds and makes your self-esteem plummet, view it as a gift. After all, weed doesn’t just increase your appetite, but also enhances the pleasure of eating. So instead of smoking at random times during the day, try to smoke before meals: in fact, take it a step further and turn the whole process into an experience – treat yourself!

You Will Need:

  1. Some excellent food.
  2. Some ganja, in whatever form you usually smoke it.
  3. Time, if you can afford it. The whole process is that much more decadent if you’re not in a rush.
  4. Friends or loved ones. This is optional, but it gives the whole experience a wonderful new layer.

Step One: Cook your food. Put effort in, even if it’s just you who’ll be eating it. Don’t just slam something in the microwave, give your kitchen some lovin’ and get your taste-buds watering: as they say, foreplay is half the fun! Any dish will do, but a special mention goes out to hearty, delicious home-food classics like Mac’n’Cheese – or if you’re British, staples like Shepherd’s/Cottage/Fisherman’s Pie. Once you’ve finished cooking, turn the oven/burner off (or turn it down to low) and leave the food where it is. It’s time for step two…

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Step Two: Smoke up. Any strain is good for this purpose, but a top-quality indica makes the sensation of eating even more pleasurable. Get high, but not so high you can’t move: as we all know, there’s that “sweet-spot” where you’re up in the air but still able to function (just about). That’s where to aim for.

Step Three: Tuck in. Prepare for mouth fireworks. Oh, the hedonism of it all.

There is an optional step four: once you’re finished, ride the pleasure train further. This usually involves a partner or friend, but not necessarily. After all, weed enhances all types of pleasure – not just eating.

So remember: if you’re concerned about the munchies, turn the phenomenon on its head and use it as a taste-enhancer for your regular meals. It’s not a side-effect, it’s a gift!