At some point, every stoner has to overcome couch lock. Couch lock can be a condition that even the most seasoned stoner wants to avoid. It’s that feeling of helpless when you become petrified into the couch, or in other words super stoned.

Many people prefer the euphoria and energy of being high, as opposed to its stoned counterpart where you are relegated to the role of a couch dweller. Once in a state of couch lock, it can be hard to remedy the effect.

Fortunately, there are a few techniques to combat this debilitating feeling. The top four include glucose, which can help regulate the prefrontal cortex in the short term to give you a quick boost, and caffeine can stimulate your senses enough to snap you out of it. CBD and CBG are great cannabinoids to help down regulate the sedative effects of CBN and myrcene, and the if/then technique can also work wonders.

1. If you get too high, drink a Coke

overcome couch lock

This was advice given in Amsterdam to young cannabis enthusiasts many years ago. The science validates this claim as glucose will spike your insulin and in turn provide enough energy for your prefrontal cortex to snap out of the couch lock syndrome. Drinking sugar is an especially effective way to expedite the process. Furthermore, eating a large meal can help ease couch lock as well, although you may end up in a food coma. At least your munchies will be satisfied.

2. Supplement with caffeine

overcome couch lock

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Whether coffee, mate tea, or Red Bull, caffeine can be a great ally in combating couch lock. From a scientific perspective, couch lock typically occurs from strains that are high in CBN (the non-psychoactive sedative cannabinoid) and the terpene myrcene (musky aroma predominately in indicas).

The word stoner and the verb to be stoned stems from the sensation of feeling petrified (literally like a rock) that occurs from the entourage effect of CBN and myrcene. Naturally, caffeine acts as a stimulant and will help you come back to life and get up off the couch.

3. Supplement with CBD

overcome couch lock
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CBD has a myriad of potential health benefits but when couch lock occurs, using CBD can help “block” the CB1 receptors in the brain. CBD, as well as CBG, act as regulators to bring you back to a more functional level. Although the science is still emerging, there is no lack of anecdotal evidence to support this claim. If you have access to concentrated CBD, use this next time you can’t get off the couch.

4. Use the If/Then technique

This is more of a last resort option, albeit one with massive potential. If you prepare scenarios in your head in advance, you can counter the effects of couch lock. The technique works as follows: IF you get too stoned, THEN do 10 jumping jacks. IF you get couch lock, THEN immediately seek ice cream(remember glucose is your friend). IF you can’t move, THEN don’t resist and simply accept and give in to the moment.

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Sometimes a simple surrender can snap you out of your couch lock trance. IF you don’t like couch lock, THEN talk to your bud tender and stick to sativas or other more energetic strains. IF you have couch, THEN enjoy the ride.