So you’re wondering if you should try dabs huh? Dabs are a fantastic method of consuming cannabis – one of my personal favorites. For one, you are no longer inhaling burning plant matter into your lungs. Instead, you get a lungful of water vapor filled to the brim with all kinds of psychoactive cannabinoids. Also, many people find that dabs last much longer for them, and are much more intense, so they find themselves actually saving money by buying BHO instead of herb. However, it is very easy to build up a tolerance to dabs, so as with regular flower, self-regulation is definitely necessary.

Simply put, dabs are a much more powerful way to consume cannabis. BHO may very well be too much for some users, especially users who have been self-medicating for a long time previous to BHO booming in the cannabis industry. However, the point that should be made clear is that dabs are 100% safe to consume – possibly even more so than flower because of the avoidance of carcinogens. It is definitely an experience worth the trouble, so let us know how your experiences go!

(image courtesy hightimes magazine)

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