While I don’t encourage binge drinking or binge smoking, people experimenting with substances are bound to do as humans have done for years: experiment further. Some might even play games – weed games.

This guide is designed to help you and your fellow partygoers maximize your group fun by suggesting some novel, creative weed games. Read on for some ingenious, inventive tips that’ll make your Friday or Saturday night party amazing!

A quick disclaimer: I want to encourage the use of safe smoking during these weed games. Be careful with the herb. Do not treat cannabis any differently because it is now legal; consume and medicate safely and responsibly.

Suicide Smoke, AKA Chicagoing

  • Setting: Smoke circle
  • Smoking: Joints
  • Other needs: None
  • Number of people: 3-4
cannabis games
Let the games (safely) begin!

A great start to a night of weed games. Before the party starts, gather the 3-4 hosts (it typically takes a household to host a party, right?) and light a nice big joint of, say, a gram. When passed to you, hit the joint as you normally would, but DO NOT exhale. Instead, hold your hit in until the next time the joint comes back your way.

Exhale. Immediately inhale and hold another large hit and pass again.

Repeat until the joint is gone. Not a complex or rousing weed game, but certainly an effective way to get incredibly high very quickly!

Hot tip: Play these cannabis games while watching Up in Smoke tour with friends. It is completely fun and funny if you’re into Eminem, Dr Dre, Snoop and family.

Three B’s

  • Setting: Party
  • Smoking: Pipe, Blunt, Bong
  • Other needs: Playing cards
  • Number of people: 4-20 (see what we did there?)
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cannabis games
Be good to your friends when playing with cannabis.

Bowls, blunts, and bongs: This game has it all! Played like the classic drinking game King’s Cup, 3 B’s employs a standard 52-card deck. With time and effort, this could make for an epic night of smoking, socializing, and playing weed games.

Place the playing cards face down in a circle around a centerpiece bong loaded with buds, and an ashtray for burning blunts. Take turns flipping over the cards to reveal the faces. Each card value will have its own way to participate. (Note: The game also assumes that players will be casually smoking in addition to the game, not just required tokes.)

It can be fun to take the time one day before the party to get high and hash out (pun intended) the rules for what happens with each card value. If you’re in a time crunch, here are some suggestions:

  • A – Smoking waterfall. First person takes a hit of a blunt and passes to the next person to take a hit. The second person cannot blow out his or her hit until the first person does. Continue on down the line.
  • 2 – Two for you. GIVE, PUFF, PUFF! Hand the blunt to the person of your choice, they get 2 puffs.
  • 3 – Three for me. PUFF, PUFF…PUFF! Take an extra hit for yourself of a blunt.
  • 4 – Yours. Take a hit off a loaded bowl. Hold onto the bowl until the next 4 is drawn.
  • 5 – Alive! Person who draws the 5 asks ‘Who’s alive!?’ and the first responder with ‘Hallelujah!’ gets to hit the blunt. Can be asked at any time during the round during which the 5 was drawn.
  • 6 – Chicks. Ladies score a round of passing the blunt, guys miss out.
  • 7 – Slangin’ Seven. Going around the circle, each person has to quickly come up with a slang term for marijuana. First person to ‘um..’ or ‘uh…’ for too long misses out on the next bowl go-round.
  • 8 – I’m Grrrrrrrreat! Whoever draws the 8 must say ‘They’re GRRRRRRREAT!’ after each hit taken until another 8 is drawn.
  • 9 – Rhyme. Similar to Slangin’ Seven, but with word rhymes. Single word, in a sentence, to a rap beat… all good options.
  • 10 – At a [10]. To be brief, [10] is an internet representation of high-ness. A [0] is stone-cold sober, while a [10] is on another planet and in another time; the highest you can be, to your own knowledge. Look around the table, drawer of the 10 determines the person that appears to be the highest. That person and the 10 cardholder share some puffs of a blunt to make sure both parties are sitting at a solid [10].
  • J – Back. Reverse the rotation of the blunt/bowl/bong in play.
  • Q – Queen’s. Her majesty rules the land. Blunts passed to her don’t move. Gifts are a good idea, for you may get to smoke in return. Be good to her, and she’ll be good to you. Cross her, and be banished to the land of sobriety. The person who draws the Queen calls all the shots for the remainder of that round.
  • K – King’s BingBongBings – Draw a King, get a bong bowl all to yourself. The drawing of the final King signals the end of the game. Pull the final King and the centerpiece bong everyone’s been waiting for is all yours. Hail!
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1-2-3 Smokes, You’re Out!

  • Setting: Any
  • Smoking: 3 different vessels, any variety
  • Other requirements: experienced smokers only
  • Number of people: 1-2
weed games umpire and batter illustration
‘For it’s 1-2-3 strikes your out for this fun cannabis game.’

If you’ve heard of a Strikeout, this is the same thing except replacing the shot and beer with other types of smoke. Take any 3 different types of marijuana consumption — not including edibles — and load them up.

Line the 3 pieces up in a row for easy access.

Take a hit of the first vessel: DO NOT EXHALE.

Take a hit of the second vessel: DO NOT EXHALE.

Take a hit of the third vessel: EXHALE all three vessels’ smoke simultaneously.

Pro-tip: True pro smokers will swallow after the third hit. This is known in the streets as a “Santa Anna.”

Welcome to the major leagues!