Vaporizers have long been considered the healthier way to consume pot – and that trend has caught on in a big way in the past five years. Not only that, they are discreet. Desktop, portable, and pen vapes are on trend, and will be a long time. Some vaporizers are better, our personal favorite is the GPen Herbal vaporizer and the GPen Elite portable vaporizer. Overall, vaporizers are the most efficient way to get high – you can even reuse the vaped bud!

Already Vaped Bud Basics

Once you have vaped your weed, you are left with what looks like dried brown oregano, AVB, already vaped bud, is already decarbed (heat activated) and contains both remaining THC and other cannabinoids that will contribute to a blissful, but not overly intense, high. It heats it to a point where most of the THC is released and then consumed. The amount of remaining THC is low, but still valuable: keep it! Store it in a glass jar and let it accumulate. You are now mining Already Vaped Bud, or AVB.

Remember, a lot of the THC has been vaporized and consumed already, but THC is not the only cannabinoid that gets you high. Consume AVB like you would any other edible: with care.

How to Make AVB without a Vaporizer

If you are vape-less and do not have access to AVB, we don’t want you to be left out! You can make an alternative at home by simply decarbing your own weed. This ”AVB” alternative will have more THC as it has not been vaped off. That means increased potency! Please be careful and allow two hours before re-dosing.

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making vaped bud
Get in kitchen and make your own if you don’t have a vaporizer of your own!

How Can You Use AVB?

1. Use the AVB in a snack

vaped bud sandwich
Sprinkle your AVB in a massive sammy! You won’t even know it’s there. Image Source

Starting with a quarter teaspoon dose, add your vaped bud to any food. You can sprinkle it on a pizza (after the pizza has been cooked), melt some peanut butter and add it to that and use in a sandwich, you can toss it into a salad or in a salad dressing. Use that AVB! The texture is a little crunchy, but easily disguised with textured food! Use fat- or protein-based foods to really get the most from the left over cannabinoids.

2. Make AVB hash

vaped bud hash
Image Source: Wiki Commons

Using alcohol as a solvent (Everclear or another high-proof alcohol such as ISO), cover the AVB in a small glass bottle and shake vigorously. Just use enough alcohol to cover the AVB. Pour into a glass Pyrex dish, cover and leave to stand for 24 hours. The alcohol will evaporate. Scrape the remaining hash out with a blade and use to top big bowls! This ‘hash’ can be potent, so use it everywhere: joints, bowls and bongs.

3. Make AVB Cannacaps

vaped bud cannacaps
Making cannacaps is simple. Look for 00 size capsules at the pharmacy (not pictured here). Image Source: Bill Brooks

Cannacaps are an easy way to consume AVB, and are gaining traction for both recreational and medical purposes. Put the AVB straight into capsules (00 size works best), measuring quarter teaspoon doses. Be careful, these can be potent! Start with one capsule and go from there after a two-hour window.

4. Use it in edibles

vaped bud brownies
It is difficult to dose edibles with AVB, so start slow! Image Source: Hartini A

You can toss your vaped bud into a cake mixture. There is no way to determine potency, so be wary! Always start with small doses when testing new edibles.

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5. Make an AVB tincture

Vaped bud tincture
Tincture is simple to make and easy to consume. Image Source: Emma McCreary

Soak the vaped bud in alcohol in a dark bottle, strain after letting it sit in the dark for a month. You now have tincture! Drop a tiny bit on your tongue, or mix it into a smoothie. Start slow, as potency and tolerance will cause varying effects.