As parents of little people know, children have an uncanny ability to find their way into everything that is precious. Pets seem to possess the same sixth sense. Around most households, dangerous and toxic items such as hot or sharp objects and chemicals are kept locked away to prevent accidents from happening. Cannabis, whether medical or recreational, should be treated no differently. Essentially, it is another substance and it should be treated as such. You do not want a child or an animal ingesting your stash, just as you don’t want them getting into your whisky.

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Where Do I Put It?

When you are looking for the perfect stash spot to protect your kids and pets, keep a few things in mind:

  • Stash your hash up high. Find somewhere well out of reach to keep your cannabis away from prying fingers and paws. The level of discretion you wish to employ is on you, but keeping your stash up high is prudent.
  • Keep your weed in the same place. For the sake of efficiency, don’t move your stash around each day, keep it in one place. Also, ALWAYS remember to put your stash away. Do not leave it out for curious hands and mouths to explore! Form healthy habits to keep your family safe, including cleaning up properly after getting high.
  • Maintain discretion at all times. If you have curious or older children, look at investing in a vape pen or something ‘subtle’ to use in tricky moments.

Look for discreet options if you can’t abstain with the kids around. Source:

What Do I Put It In?

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There are a multitude of ways to store, hide or stash your cannabis from pets and kids. Assess the needs of your family, taking into account the age of your children and what kind of access you need to the stash while your kids are around. Start with the following ideas for keeping your stash child- and pet-proof.

Petproofing is as important as childproofing your stash. Source:

  • Investigate child-resistant packaging online or at your local head shop. If you have a small quantity of cannabis to hide, a small medical-style childproof container is a cheap and easy to hide option.

Child resistant packaging is a good place to start with cannabis storage. Source:

  • If you have more than just a little pot to hide, consider keeping your stash under lock and key, or in a lockable pouch. You can find small lockable narcotics boxes for less than $100 if a standard lock box will not provide sufficient security. Some have double key entry and digital entry.

Lockable medical boxes are a good option for hiding your stash from your children. Source:

  • If you are looking for a more secure option again, take a look at safes. Many safes can be purchased for less than $200, and many offer biometric locking systems. They vary in size from small to massive, depending on how big your stash is!

Larger quantities may require higher security to guard your stash from curious little people. Source:

  • Keep your stash in a normal-looking household item, such as a large stash clock or a stash book. There are many specifically-built options like this around. Remember to keep it up high, hidden and locked!

child-proof by hiding your stash