Hiding your weed (keeping it concealed and air-tight) is in your best interest for a number of reasons. You never know who might be going through your stuff! Whether it be your roommate, party guests, or parents, weed ain’t cheap. It’s not fun to have to replace it if it gets stolen or confiscated.

Maybe you’re a parent who smokes casually, or a medicinal user with some potent products. If you’re going to be keeping your stash around the house, hiding your weed somewhere without drawing any attention is a good idea. That’s why these common items are perfect for repurposing into stash containers!

Coffee Containers

hiding your weed in a coffee container
Image source: kelliskitchen.org

You can use an old coffee container to stash your weed and paraphernalia. they’re airtight to keep the coffee fresh, and coffee grounds are excellent at absorbing smells. Make sure to keep it out of sight of coffee drinkers!

A Hollowed out Book

Hollowed out book with valuables
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Combined with a ziplock bag or small jar, you can easily hide your weed in plain sight. Visit your local thrift store, and this brilliant hiding place will only set you back a few bucks, if that. Find a particularly boring looking hard-cover book. Boring, in this sense, means choosing a book that will stand out the least in your own home.

hiding your weed

Make 4 marks in the corners, about an inch from the edges a few pages in for planning. Start cutting based on your markings and pull the pieces out as you go. After you have it hollowed out the way you want, its time to glue it shut. First, put a piece of plastic in place to separate the cover and decoy pages to help make sure they don’t get glued by accident. After that, use white-glue to make a squiggly line along the edges of the book, and rub it into the area between the pages with a paintbrush or piece of cardboard. Let it dry, and you’re done!

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Repurposed Soda Cans

hiding your weed in a soda can
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There’s also the option of using a can of soda for a hiding in plain sight option. You need a can and a small pill bottle for this. First, you need to carefully drain the can of liquid using a very small hole in the bottom.

Cutting top off can with can opener
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Carefully cut the lid of the can off as close to the rim as possible with a can opener or knife (be extremely careful). Put the bottom of the pill container into the emptied can and fill it with plaster, or keep it in place with plasticine or playdough. On the other end, secure the pill bottle lid to the top of the can with glue. Once the plaster has dried, carefully open the lid of the jar to make sure that everything has come together the way you want.

Hiding your Weed in Old Electronics

hiding your weed in a computer
Image Source: wabatwaoffside.drclarenceexclusive.com

Electronics of all sorts are a great place to hide things. They’re easy enough to dissemble and reassemble, and there are lots of nooks and crannies. If you use the inside of your computer tower for hiding your weed, use one of the extra CD bays, the rest of it can get really hot and potentially decarb or break down the THCA over time. You can also take apart an old iPod or game controller that you can customize to easily open and close.

Highlighter for Hiding your Weed on the Go

yellow hi-lighter
Image Source: www.dstewart.com

For some people, hiding your weed in your home isn’t the concern. Instead, it’s trying to hide things when you’re out and about. A highlighter is a good option, especially if you’re a student or an office drone. Open the highlighter carefully, using a knife. Remove the ink-soaked insert with a paper towel or tweezers, clean it out, and voila, you’ve got a perfectly sealed and inconspicuous stash jar for on the go.

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Hard Drives

external hard drive
Image Source: blitzweekly.com

Grabbing a busted external hard-drive is also a great option. The general rule of thumb is to have something that is either unlikely to be understood by those investigating, or otherwise unlikely to be bothered with. A busted external hard-drive can be hollowed out and carried around with you, serving as a great option for hiding your weed – from a dime bag to a quarter.

Empty Deodorant Containers

empty deodorant container
Image Source: Alibiba.com

After you’re finished with your deodorant, screw the block all the way up, pull it out, and wash out the inside. Put your bag of weed in and you’ve got a perfect stash container! You can even put the plastic block back in place to conceal it if your deodorant has a clear lid. The residual deoderant should conceal the dank smell radiating from that bag, and no one will ask why you’re carrying deodorant around with you… definitely not for hiding your weed!

The most inconspicuous hiding containers take advantage of your hobbies or occupation. Whatever you end up using, the best options are going to be things that make sense within your own life. If you don’t read books, the one book in your room is going to stand out like a sore thumb!

Have any brilliant spots for hiding your weed? Tell us your brilliant stash containers in the comments below!