If you’re new to smoking, you’ve probably never heard of dabbing before, or, if you have, you’re interested in trying it but you don’t know how to dab or how to get started. You’re friendly neighborhood stoner is here to guide you and show you how to properly set up and smoke your first dab.

Consuming dabs is a little different than smoking “flower,” or the green buds of a cannabis plant that are normally seen. You’ll first need to make sure you have the right equipment. There are a few more items you’ll need other than just some papers, a lighter and bud.

hash oil

The first item you’ll need is a bong or “dab rig.” This could be any bong you want. You don’t need anything fancy to take a dab. I do, however, recommend that you stay away from bongs that diffuse and cool down the vapor too much. It will cause the vapor to turn back into liquid and it will be stuck on the inside of your bong, also known as reclaim.

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The second thing you’ll need is a nail. “What’s a nail” you might ask? It’s the bowl you use when dabbing. The nail can be made of ceramic, quartz or some type of metal (mainly high-grade titanium). The nail is heated up until it’s red hot, allowed to cool for a few seconds, and then the dabs are dropped onto the nail to vaporize until completely inhaled.

Source: Youtuber Jkid4life
Source: Youtuber Jkid4life

When you are choosing a nail you can choose to have a domeless nail or a domed nail. A domed nail is a nail that is surrounded by a glass bubble that can be removed to heat up the nail. The dome servers to keep the vapor in a managable area so it doesnt float up and away from the stem of the bong. It also protects you from burning yourself in case you get too medicated and accidentally touch it. A domeless nail is just a nail that you don’t put a dome over, but can also be used with devices like carb caps for a thicker, milkier vapor.

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dab nail with dome

Make sure when you are choosing a nail for your bong you pick out the right size for your bong. It’s easiest if you take your piece into the head shop with you. There they can easily find the right size for you and even tell you so you know which size to get next time.

The third item you’ll need is a dabber. A dabber is a utensil used to “dab” a concentrate or dab. It can be made to look like anything. You can find very interesting ones at head shops that can be shaped like carrots or look like skeletons, sometimes even glass dabbers made to look like pencils. If you don’t want to spend the money on a dabber you can always just use a paper clip, but I would recommend against using anything other than a utensil meant for dabbing simply because of the possibility of chemicals and other contaminants.


Fourth on our list is a blow torch. A blow torch is used to heat up the nail. You can find them at any head shop. It doesn’t really matter what size you get as long as it can heat up the nail to whatever temperature you want. Keep in mind you’ll need to buy a can of butane (or propane, depending on the torch) as a fuel source.

To take a dab you need to first put the nail on your bong. Make sure that it’s on there firmly and won’t fall off. You don’t wan to burn yourself.

Second, you’ll need to heat up your nail with the torch. You can choose to take low temp dabs or high temp dabs. Low temp dabs will give you a more flavorful hit while high temp dabs with give you more of a head rush. Once the nail is at a good temperature, you can drop the glass dome on if you’re using one.

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The last step is to take your dabber, pull off or scoop up a little piece the concentrate, and circle it around the inside edge of the outside bowl. Inhale like you would a regular bong. Keep circling the the dabber around the nail until the concentrate is gone. Inhale the rest of the vapor and enjoy the high.

Keep in mind that dabs are very strong. The first time you take a dab you should be with someone and make sure that you start off slow. Be safe and Live High!

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