They’ve been hailed as the “Uber of Weed,” raised more than $10 million, and do the one thing us stoners have been dreaming about for a long time: deliver pot right to our doorsteps.

Eaze is a pot delivery service based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The idea behind Eaze is to deliver medical marijuana to a patient’s home so they don’t have to run out and buy it themselves. All the patients have to do is go online and order what they want.

Consumers can also use an app that can be downloaded on to any Apple iPhone. The app for Android is still being developed. Using the app, you can do all of the same things you can do on Eaze’s website, except it’s even easier. You just choose your preferred strain and order. All transactions are made with cash because debit and credit cards can’t be used when purchasing marijuana, according to state law.

Ever since last summer, when Eaze was created, they have been growing at a steady pace. They were recently granted $10 million in funding from DCM Ventures and other investors. Eaze plans on using that money to expand their services to other areas and states outside of California.

The cannabis industry is growing at a rapid rate and with it comes great ideas like Eaze. They are forward thinking and, according to customer reviews, do a very good job and have excellent customer service. I can’t wait for Eaze to come to my town.

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