Almost all of us have a social media profile of some sort, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or any of the other major social media sites. There has been major marijuana reform and with it came social networking sites designed specifically for stoners. Here are few of the more popular sites and apps that may just land you a new smoking buddy!

5. is like the Facebook of stoner social media. It looks a little older but handles just like a Facebook profile. You can post pictures, videos, links, and status updates. This is great for anyone looking to connect to pot heads from all over the globe.

4. High There!

High There is next one our list. It is set up like Tinder, but instead of looking for dates you look for smoking buddies. You can put what you like to do while high and what kind of high you normally get. You are then matched up with people with the same interests that are near you. Pretty great, right? Read more about it here!

3. Grasscity Community

Grasscity Community is like the Reddit of stoner social media. It’s a forum-based website where you can find conversations about anything and everything marijuana. You can ask questions, post articles and pictures, and comment on what other people posted. This is a great site for anyone that is new to smoking and wants to learn more or anyone that just loves to talk about marijuana.

2. is another social media site that is set up like a forum. There are How To videos, a blog, galleries, and a community section that lets you see what your stoner buddies are up to. There’s even a Weedopedia, chock full of answers to any weed-related questions you can come up with.

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1. is, by far, my favorite stoner social media site. It’s like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook had a baby, and that baby happens to be very interested in pot. You can post Instagram style pictures, post status updates and follow your “buds.” This site is great for people that love the cannabis culture and want to be right in the middle of it all the time.

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