While you may consider yourself a seasoned smoker, we are positive that these clever weed hacks will add to your expertise and make your smoking experience easier and more enjoyable. Promise! Here are some of our most cherished weed hacks that make life easier.

1. Slow Burning Spliffs

grind weed


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Even smokers with expensive vaporizers and other gadgets enjoy a joint every now and again, but commonly, joints can burn too quickly. Luckily, we found a remedy to this problem — the honey spliff technique. First, lightly cover a joint in some honey (or maple syrup) and roll it in freshly ground weed. From here, you can put it in the oven for 5 minutes (or until it starts browning), but this is optional. It will burn much slower and taste amazing. Glaze your joint!

2. Turn an E-Cig into a One-Hitter Vaporizer Pen

e-cigarette cartridge
Gut that bad-boy and pack some herb into the coil chamber.

To save some money, turn a cheap e-cig into a one-hitter vape pen. This hack involves taking off the end and the inner parts before giving it a clean and then packing it with some of your favorite herbal remedies. This makes a great, discreet one-hitter, perfect for on-the-go movements. This video tutorial will walk you through the process explaining each step — see how it’s done!

3. Hide Your Stash in Your Car

This guy's definitely hiding something
Good afternoon officer…

Hiding your stash can be difficult and anxiety-inducing. In most places cannabis is legal, the stash still needs to be in the trunk, away from tempted pot enthusiasts! If you must ride with your stash in the car, listen to the advice from this ex cop. 

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If you can’t be bothered to watch the video, the main take away points are:

  • Do not hide cannabis in a visible or easily accessible place, and never on the exterior of a vehicle, where K9 units will easily detect it.
  • If you must ride dirty, place your stash in a weird or hard-to-find crevice, preferably towards the middle of the vehicle and high up. This makes it difficult for canine units to find. Every car is unique and has its own nooks and crevices so take the time to get to know your car, and get creative! 
  • Remember that for about every 15 minutes it takes for you to hide something, it will take about an hour for someone else to find. 

4. Put Frozen Fruit in Your Bong

Instead of using ice in your bong, try frozen fruit. It stays frozen much longer, and once the fruit starts to melt, it tastes amazing! This works best in a clean bong, and make sure you give your bong a thorough clean straight after with some alcohol and salt, and shake well. Don’t get crazy though, those percolated dab rigs are not made for frozen fruit! 

5. Clean Up Dropped Weed

Because this is how it happened, right?
Because this is how it happened, right?

We have all been there. You’re carrying ground-up weed to another room and you slip on a banana peel, or perhaps more believably, the dog walks under your feet and you throw it all over the place. Now, you could call it a lost cause or you could grab a vacuum cleaner and a white sock. Put the sock over the end of the vacuum and proceed to vacuum the weed. The weed will get stuck to sock and not get inhaled by the vacuum. When you’ve salvaged as much as you can, simply turn the vacuum off and let the weed fall back onto the plate. Use our next tip to get rid of all the hair and nasties that you may have picked up as well (hey, you never know, desperate times call for desperate measures).

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6. Use Static Electricity to Remove Hair from Cannabis

Once you have salvaged your cannabis, generate some static electricity either via a balloon or comb and hold it just above the weed. Any foreign objects (such as hair) should become attracted and simply pull away from the weed!


7. Choose a 420-Friendly Playlist Beforehand

listening to music
I’m so high I don’t know where I am, but damn Adele can sing!

Before you get high, I repeat before you get high, make a playlist with some tunes that put you in a good mood. We have all had the thought to get high then choose the music, and we all know how daunting a decision like this can be after we light up. You either forget or you’re just way too lazy to get up and do it. Songza is a great tool for this – there are a bunch of playlists for getting high, just pick a genre! Alternatively, you could plan your sesh around designing a special playlist for the occasion and get stuck into it. 

8. Set Down a Joint Mid-Roll

joint propped in between two lighters
Image Source: Reddit.com

You’re sitting down after a stressful day and you decide to roll yourself a joint. However, midway through you get a call from your parents wanting to meet for dinner: before you can answer and feign sickness, you need to do something with your joint. I think this picture sums it up. Always be careful though and test your setup before relying on it!

9. How to Make a Sploof

charcoal carbon powder

A sploof is a homemade device that you blow smoke through to mask any smell and prevent particles from spreading around the room or car. You can use dryer sheets, or go a step further and pick up an aquarium filter refill from your local pet store. It contains mostly carbon and smell-neutralizing chemicals. Wrap up the carbon in some tissues, stuff it into a toilet paper roll, pop in a few dryer sheets, and you have a sploof that will last you a few weeks. 

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10. Light a Roach Without Burning your Nose

Source: Redditor u/ab2g
Source: Redditor u/ab2g

A common mistake people make when lighting a roach is looking downwards; this is a sure way to set your face on fire. To prevent losing your eyebrows, we recommend you aim your face upwards instead!

Bonus Tip

Thanks for reading this far! As a treat we have an awesome bonus tip for you:

11. Use Oil to Keep Your Bong Clean

When you fill up your bong, put a drop of non-scented cooking oil (such as coconut or olive oil) in the bong to prevent resin from building up.

So what did you think? Did you learn a few things? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear the weed hacks that make your life easier!