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People have always said that different strains of marijuana will each bring a different type of high, and not every strain is for everyone. Something you may not know is that certain strains of marijuana may be better suited for specific Myers-Briggs profiles, like INTP. This is the first in a series dedicated to finding the best — and worst — strains for each different type!


The Logician, or the INTP personality type, make up only around 3% of the global population; in other words it’s quite rare. As the name describes these are the ultra-logical folks generally ending up with theory upon theory in a wide array of subjects. Here’s a list of three of the best strains this personality type could possibly smoke, as well as the three worst:


Red Congolese

INTP Strain
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This sativa strain boasts a beautiful, almost indica-like appearance with tons of little orange hairs poking out all over a very crystal covered surface. You can trace its lineage back to the Afghani, Mexican and African strains, all landrace.

The high you get from the Red Congolese is perfect for any Logician: it enhances your creativity, helps center your focus and energizes you all at once! When you’re working towards the newest and greatest in your field what’s a little extra help from Mother Nature?

Jack’s Cleaner

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What we have here is another sativa crossbred from Jack Herer and a strain known as “The Cleaner.” It’s got a strong, lemony scent and often appears yellowish in color too!

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When smoked it carries the signature sativa high, but you won’t lose your head in it either. This high energy, high focus strain is perfect for straightforward thinking – but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to think outside of the box.


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C’mon, who doesn’t like a gorgeous set of hair? This gorgeous strain features a medley of colors and a slightly fruity flavor for those that enjoy it.

King Tut has a very peppy high, and often you’ll want to get up and move around. For a Logician that works with their hands fairly often it’ll definitely keep you going!


Night Nurse

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Bred from Fire OG, Harmony and Hash Plant by BC Bud Depot in Saskatchewan, Night Nurse features a delicious earthy and almost floral-like taste and often appears light in color – though darker colors aren’t uncommon either.

For the ultimate in couch-lock experiences Night Nurse would be one of the better go-to strains you could choose, but when you want to think straight or even move around a little bit like most people (especially INTP types) would you’d definitely need to consider a different strain.

Gog & Magog

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This 80/20 indica and sativa hybrid features a beautiful array of crystal trichomes just waiting to be smoked. Produced by the Israeli grow company Tikun Olam, this strain is high in THC with an earthy, skunky scent.

Due to the high indica and THC percentages this is a strain better suited for falling asleep than it is to a Logician. You’re more than welcome to try, but don’t expect more than the munchies and a bit of couch lock!

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Aurora Indica

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Crossed from Afghani and Northern Lights, this 90% indica will knock you on your rear end!

Obviously anything that’s going to really put you down goes directly against what the INTP personality type is all about, and the Aurora Indica will really put you down! It’s amazing to fall asleep with, but definitely not for an active thinker.