Hooking up with a pothead is no longer bad news, ladies and gents. In fact, hooking up with a stoner is likely to result in some seriously deep talks, sensual massages and well cooked food. If you’re a committed pothead in a serious relationship, you better check this list, and, if you’re single and ready to mingle, let us tell you how stoners make great partners.

They’re Conversationalists

Stoners are great partners
Long discussions with fellow stoners make for solid relationships and communication. Source: pixabay.com

Stoners make great partners because they love long discussions. Stoners are curious and have an insatiable imagination, and sharing that with your partner can allow deep connections to form and bond over time. Chatting about the intricacies of life and sharing your inner thoughts builds trust.

They’re Honest

Stoners are great partners
Source: pixabay.com

Stoners are open. Getting high relaxes the mind, and many stoner partners use this to build their relationship up. Being open about your thoughts and feelings is key to a successful relationship.

They’re Playful

Stoners are great partners
A game of Scrabble and a snack is the best night in. Source: pixabay.com

Stoners have a good time and are great people to build a life with. Making plans for the future and plotting out timelines together over a board game at home might just be your partner’s perfect date night! Oh yeah, and the munchies. Stoner partners appreciate good food!

They’re Funny

Stoners are great partners
Look to your stoner partner for some silly and fun times. Laughing helps everyone with EVERYTHING! Source: pixabay.com

Fans of Mary Jane are silly and playful. Had a rough day at work? Had an argument with your parents? Just dealing with a lot of stress and need something to take your mind off it? Look to your stoner partner. That laughter and nonsense will keep you young!

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They’re Good Listeners

Stoners are great partners
Stoners are in touch emotionally. Let them think. Source: pixabay.com

Stoner partners are in touch emotionally. Deep thinkers and often introverts, stoner partners are awesome at self reflection and being aware of themselves and others feelings. If you need a shoulder to lean on, your partner’s already got you. Just tell them what’s going on with you.

They’re Productive

Stoners are great partners
Mary Jane and a stoner partner make chores fun and much easier to prioritize. Source: pixabay.com

Getting high makes household chores fun. If your man, lady or otherwise is a toker and they keep a clean home, ask them how! Stoners are great at housekeeping and making sure time spent cleaning the house is not wasted on simple… cleaning!

They’re Tactile

Stoners are great partners
Touch your partner. Source: pixabay.com

Stoners are touchy. The body’s senses are heightened after consuming cannabis. Your partner feels the world a little differently. He or she might be more tactile, more sensitive to sound or he/she might have an incredible nose after finishing that joint. Expect a life with a lot of music and great tasting food!

They’re Sensual

Stoners are great partners
Stoners can concentrate for long periods of time… Source: pixabay.com

Potheads can concentrate on one thing for a long time… Take it to the bedroom, you guys!

They’re Creative

Stoners are great partners
Let him or her think outside the box. Source: pixabay.com

Tokers are great with thinking outside the box. A pothead partner who consistently thinks outside the box will always be available to brainstorm solutions with, especially for problems in the workplace. Another perspective is their specialty!

They’re Intelligent

Stoners are great partners
A favorite stoner game, Devil’s Advocate can help you see new perspectives. Source: pixabay.com

Playing Devil’s Advocate is a stoner’s favorite game, and this can work for you in tough situations. Your stoner partner will always offer more than one perspective, and they will often advocate against you to help you see those other angles of a situation. This is perfect for discussions about other relationships or experiences, but can be frustrating in ‘serious relationship talks’. Don’t be afraid to call them out!

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