If you’re in the market for a new bong, you want tough glass, and a good lookin’ piece. There is so much variety out there, so seeing and getting a feel for it in person is the best way to chose the right bong for you! Buying a bong online has its benefits: you get a lot of variety, the prices are competitive, the process is discreet, and you can sit at home blazed and not leave your chair while ordering a new piece. But kickin’ it old school and heading to your local glass shop can be an adventure in itself: you meet cool people, hear intriguing stories, you can check out the best local pieces and artists, and you know you’re going home with value for your money. Best of all, you get to hand-select the best new piece for your collection or needs! These are some things you must consider if you want to make sure you’re spending your money wisely:

buying a bong
Shopping at your local bong shop is different experience to online for so many reasons. Image: pixabay.com

Find A Trusted Headshop

buying a bong
Don’t smoke and drive on your adventure. Be responsible on the road. Image: pixabay.com

Ok, it might seem obvious, but do your research. If you are buying a bong, make sure to find the best head shop in your area. There are glass shops everywhere now! Read reviews, ask your friends for local tips, and use your connections. You want to find a place with a large selection of glassware and patient, knowledgeable staff. When it comes time to buy, make it a day trip and visit a few cool stores with some friends. Remember, it isn’t cool to get high and drive though. Be careful!

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Get Familiarized with the Store and Staff

When you get to your store of choice, do a recon lap. Find the bongs, the pipes, the papers; familiarize yourself with the store. Then hone in on staff and ask questions: what is the latest and greatest technology you guys have? What are your favorite pieces in the shop and why? Are they bong smokers, dabbers? Ask questions and talk to these guys, this is what they do everyday. Get their opinions, ask them to tell you about new products. There are new items coming on the market each day from China and around the world, and everyone loves a new toy to get high with, right?

Buying a Bong: What Do You Want?

buying a bong
Decide what kind of smoking tool is best for you. Image: pixabay.com

Bongs come in all shapes and sizes, and materials. Glass bongs are easy to see through: you can tell when they need cleaning and when the water needs replacing. Ceramic bongs look wonderful for decoration but are much trickier to clean and you need to commit to changing the water regularly, because you can’t see it. An intricate design or shape with many chambers and parts usually makes for a clean, less-harsh smoke, but can easily result in breakages, especially if the bong is being passed around friends. Extra percs and filters can look excellent and are great for filtering, but are also difficult to clean. Don’t go home without a new bowl for your bong, too!

Check the Glass Thoroughly Before Buying a Bong

buying a bong
Check glass thoroughly for hairline fractures that will turn into breakages down the track. Image: pixabay.com

Now, you’ve been through the store (or stores) and have hand-selected the finest in smoking paraphernalia. Before buying a bong and rushing out of the store, the final tip is to thoroughly check the piece up close. Look for small glass fractures and imperfections. These imperfections can often be indicative of a weakness in the glass. Look carefully and closely at your bong. Ask where the piece is from; some Chinese glass is very poorly made (but not all the time). Look for rough edges and other imperfections too, check it is airtight; if the bong does not look well finished and feels cheap, it probably is not a great investment. You’d be better off spending your hard earned money elsewhere. Happy Shopping!

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