Ok, from one adult to another: I have found myself through cannabis more than once. It happens every few years – that’s my ongoing relationship with cannabis. My lengthy friendship with Mary Jane means I have introduced her to many friends for many reasons and I am always interested in people’s experiences and reflections. I reflect on my own experiences, and I think it’s important to learn. Cannabis is a wonderful tool for experiencing life with a fresh perspective, but like any substance, it can be abused. If you are searching, but you’re not sure what for, here are some considerations from a spiritual pothead on how to find yourself through cannabis.

What Is Your Goal?

This is a smart question to ask yourself before you start toking: what am I seeking? A spiritual journey? To reinvent yourself or your career? If you are seeking to dull an emotional pain, or if you are self-medicating with the intention of just getting really high and eating snack foods, consider helping yourself in other ways first. It is important if you want to ‘find yourself’ to remember to first love yourself fully, and treat yourself with respect and kindness.

find yourself through cannabis
What kind of journey do you want to take to find yourself? What does it mean to you? Source: pixabay.com

How Exactly do you ‘Find Yourself’?

Finding yourself… will mean something different to each person, but my interpretation of the phrase is to seek enlightenment, to seek your true self and realize your potential. To get to know yourself and your opinions from a place of true belief. My journey with cannabis is about self-awareness and enlightenment: some of my “problems” are not problems from other perspectives! Pot lets me look at my life in ways I normally wouldn’t have thought to! I think reflecting on experiences with weed is an important part of “finding yourself” so make sure to keep notes of your own experiences.

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find yourself through cannabis
Finding yourself means something different to everyone, for some it means time alone thinking. Source: pixabay.com

How to Find Yourself With Weed

Ok, practical advice time. If you have decided that you are truly seeking some kind of enlightenment, and you think cannabis is the tool for you, consider these things:

Find what cannabis product is best for your journey.

Indica, sativa, or hybrid… find what works best for your needs. Maybe you’ll smoke while meditating or laying in a hammock under the stars thinking peacefully. For this, an indica (more of a body high) would be nice. For more active adventures like a thoughtful hike, sativa (thought-inducing and inspiring high) might be better suited. Hybrids provide a nice balance.

Be aware.

Don’t smoke everyday when you get home from work without thinking about what you’re doing… that is not self awareness, that is autopilot. Take care of yourself and keep notes from your experiences to help you remain aware and connected to your mind and body.

Go on a journey.

find yourself on a hike
Go on a long walk with yourself and your thoughts! Image Source: pexels.com

Each time you indulge with the goal of finding yourself, get off the couch and be an adventurer of the Earth and your own mind! Get lit and go for a long walk: think about what is on your mind, untangle your thoughts and let your mind wander. If you stay on that couch, you won’t think any differently.

Move your body.

find yourself by connecting to your body
Climb the stairs of success. Image source: pexels.com

Keep your body moving and keep your brain active. Always engage yourself and use time when you’re high to consider things from other perspectives. Talk to other friends you trust and seek their opinions. Be open minded. Learn from other people. SEEK KNOWLEDGE! Never be ashamed to be exploring and seeking, many others are doing the same.

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There is no right or wrong way to ‘find yourself’, or rediscover who you are. Everything said here is general advice based on my experiences. Your experiences will be unique, and that is what you want! Enjoy the ride, and don’t take yourself too seriously. Have fun!