Visiting a dispensary for the first time is a very thrilling experience – we’ve waited long enough. But don’t let your own excitement make you out to look like a complete tool; most employees understand what visiting a dispensary for the first time is like, but they also have a lot of work to do and lots of people to help. To make things easier on everyone, here’s a list of things you should and should not do while visiting a dispensary:

1. Drugs are bad, mkay?


While marijuana is still federally classified as a controlled substance, many people are finally beginning to let go of the old lies told by propaganda. If you’re going to visit a dispensary, please don’t classify weed as a drug, especially out loud. No one really cares if you feel like you’re doing something bad – though, they do care when you demonize the medicine proven to be so helpful to many others around the world.

2. Euphemisms make people look bad

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Using an inordinate amount of weed language at a dispensary isn’t a lauded trait. If you’re walking up to the counter asking for “the dankest strainz”, you’re likely to show the budtenders that you’ve just learned your first weed adjective. Put some thought into what you want out of the experience. Speak exactly how you would to anyone else – trying too hard to talk the talk will only make you look bad!

3. Budtenders are people too

So you’ve scored your first legal eighth and you’re about to leave, but the budtender was kind of hot. Want to grab their number? Don’t hold up the line for everyone else in an attempt to get friendly with the budtender! If they’re into you they’ll give you their number before you have the chance to leave. Think of them as your bartenders, they’re there to help you – not to be your one chance at true love.

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4. Don’t smoke near a dispensary

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to light up your purchases from a dispensary, that’s pretty much why it exists in the first place! There is something wrong with trying to smoke it right outside of the dispensary though. It takes away from the legality and legitimacy of the business and can give the dispensary a bad wrap.

5. Haggling is for the flea market

Visiting a dispensary is nothing like visiting the old dealer you knew way back when. There’s a reason the prices are what they are, and the budtender has nothing to do with the price of the products. It’s alright to haggle in life, just not at a dispensary.

6. No, you can’t return or trade in your weed

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You’d be surprised how often this happens: a young man or woman purchases some marijuana and it turns out that they don’t like the high they get from that particular strain, so they bring in back to the dispensary. Don’t do that. Even if they legally could trade it out that’d be like trying to trade in a half-beer. It won’t work and you’ll only hold up everyone else.

7. Ask questions!

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If you have zero clue what you want or what would be best for you all you need to do is ask your budtender! There’s nothing wrong with being new to it all and no one will hate you for it. With that being said, don’t ask every question under the sun either. Doing your own homework before you go is always a good idea.

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It’s fun and exciting yes, but you’re not and won’t be the only person there. Remember that going to a dispensary is almost exactly like going to the grocery store and you’ll do just fine!