Wasting weed is sometimes accidental and unavoidable. When it happens, it is usually quite upsetting for everyone involved. Have you ever knocked a grinder onto the carpet? Heartbreaking stuff, trying to pick the dog hair and the weed flakes apart, and very little reward following that brutal work. Learn how to be waste free with weed to stretch your stash and your wallet.

Many pot enthusiasts actually waste a little weed without even realizing it each time they indulge; or more correctly, stoners out there could be saving more weed from waste. Learning how to be frugal with your Mary Jane stash is easy. It is essential if you want more out of your product and better value for your money. Being aware will potentially help you avoid dankruptcy in the future. Learn how your weed scraps, vaporizer, and your cooking and cleaning skills can save you money and bud!

avoid going dankrupt
Learn how to be more frugal with Mary Jane to avoid DANKRUPTCY.

There are 6 ways you can be waste-free with weed:

  1. Keep your kief. Invest in a grinder with a kief chamber to let kief accumulate, and save it for a rainy day. It can be added to joints, or you can use it to make rosin dabs or even hash!
  2. Keep your scraps. Stems and those tiny bits of weed left over at the bottom of the baggie add up! They can be used for edibles, tinctures, and more. Get creative!
  3. Learn how to make edibles, tinctures, or extracts! These can be made with leftovers (scraps and AVB), and can be very potent!
  4. Invest in a vaporizer. Vaporizers are one of the most economical ways to consume, and the leftover AVB can be used for edibles (or just sprinkled on snacks), tinctures, and extracts.
  5. Avoid bongs, pipes, and joints. These methods literally burn right through your stash, and your money!
  6. Try concentrates. Concentrates are costly, but extremely potent. When vaporized, the high you get from just one hit is more pure and than combustion (joints, bongs, and pipes), and more economical in the long run.
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Keep That Kief

Use a grinder with mesh layers to catch your kief when you grind your flower. Top off bowls or joints with your keif, and you can add it when making edibles or coffee (with milk, so the THC gets absorbed) or you can even make rosin, a solventless concentrate, using the method explained here.

waste free weed coffee and edibles
You can turn kief or stems into cannabis tea or coffee! Image: pixabay.com

Keep Your Scraps

Every stoner knows weed scraps. They end up everywhere, sometimes too small and insignificant to save – but the guilt from tossing away perfectly good MJ is too much to handle. Keep them. Grab a mason jar for all your weed scraps. Toss in your stems and any waste and mess your create (keep seeds outta there though, you don’t want to consume those). Use these scraps to make edibles and tinctures!

Learn to Make Edibles, Tinctures, or Extracts!

waste free by making edibles
You can make edibles with AVB!

Leftover weed scraps and AVB can be used to make edibles, so you gotta learn how! Making tea with stems is a simple way to go waste free and test the waters of ingesting cannabis leftovers. Also, that jar with your leftover weed scraps? Decarb it and add some high-proof alcohol to the jar, just enough to cover your ground up stash. Shake daily and leave in a dark place for a few weeks. Strain and consume, try half a teaspoon first and wait a couple hours. If you haven’t had much experience with edible cannabis, brush up here on how to handle edibles without losing your shit. If you are interested in trying to make your own, start here.

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Invest in a Vaporizer

Vaporizers are economical, discreet and the weed you vape can be reused! Go waste free by saving your AVB, or Already Vaped Bud (stash it in a mason jar and keep it somewhere dark). Use it to make edibles, coffee, or add it to foods like pizza, peanut butter, and just about anything else!

Avoid Bongs, Pipes and Joints

go waste free and avoid pipes
Avoid pipes, bongs and joints if you are looking to consume less cannabis. Image: pixabay.com

If you are serious about going waste free, smoking joints is the least economical way to get high. A large percentage of THC is burned off as a waste product at high heat with joints, bongs and pipes, and as a result, you need to smoke more product to get high.

Waste Free with Concentrates

waste free concentrate vaporizer
A vape pen is a great option for consuming and spending less on pot. Image: pixabay.com

Concentrates in small quantities can be great with a low tolerance! Invest in a vape pen and lay off the joints for a week to see how much flower and money you can save. For those with a higher tolerance, or for higher volume consumers, collect your reclaim. Wipe it off dab sticks onto a silicon mat, warm containers up to soften leftovers to scrape out and keep it all. There are a lot of options for consuming reclaim and it is potent too!