Diligent people recognize that wasting herb is, well, wasteful. It feels bad to be wasteful. Throwing your stash away for no good reason makes no sense! That reclaim in your rig is not waste though (and can be up quite potent), so take the time to clean your rig thoroughly and stash that reclaim away for a rainy day. If you don’t take the time to reclaim your reclaim, you are wasting opportunities to get something for free!

Keep that rig clean! Source: Bianca King
Waste not, want not, right? Source: instagram

So, clean your rig! Wait until you can see a build up of orange to brown residue, and harvest! Be careful with your rig and attachments while cleaning – take special care. Once you have thoroughly removed the residual oil from your rig, you will need to decide what to do with it. If you choose to store it, keep it in a silicon puck.

If you choose to use it, start with this list for inspiration!

1. Eat it!

Although it doesn’t look the most appetizing, it’s the easiest and quickest method. Smear your Reclaim on toast, crackers, chocolate… the opportunities end only where your imagination does!

NOTE: Reclaim is a concentrate, so remember to take it easy and be responsible if you are eating this product. Start small, wait two hours, and see what happens… Re-dosing is not recommended!

Smear it on your snacks! Source: https://www.instagram.com/asiliveandbreathe/
Smear it on your snacks! Source: instagram

2. Tinctures

reclaim tincture
Source: patients4medicalmarijuana.wordpress.com

Keep a little of that Everclear handy in a dark glass bottle (like the ones essential oils come in) and put the reclaim back in there. Shake it up really well, and use it as a tincture.

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3. Reclaim Cocktails

cannabis cocktails
Image Source: theovercast.ca

Do you like cocktails? Add the reclaim: creative concoction from #2 above to your next cocktail party punch. Don’t forget to add a sign so folks know it is POTENT!

4. Add Reclaim to Pre-rolls or Roll-Your-Owns

Melt or rub reclaim onto or into a pre-rolled or self-rolled cigarette. It can be hard to work with, so be careful not to tear the paper. Smear it along the paper on the inside before you roll, or along the outside after you’ve rolled it, and spark up!

Decorate and enhance your joints with your 'claim. Source: https://www.instagram.com/asiliveandbreathe/
Decorate and enhance your cigarettes with your reclaim. Source: instagram

5. Reclaim capsules

Make capsules without the mess of coconut oil extraction. Buy 00 capsules (found at the pharmacy) and put a little into each. Don’t get carried away, remember it is a concentrate!

6. Sleepy-time Hot Cocoa

Make some reclaim hot cocoa! Get a cup of milk on the stove, add some of your reclaim and some hot chocolate, and let it slowly come close to boiling. Stir. Take off the stove and serve up right before bed for an easy insomnia cure. Drink this on an empty stomach for increased effect. Also check out this genius hack for potent hot cocoa.

7. Season your New Dab Nail

Your reclaim can season your new dab nails. Seasoning your nail is personal preference, but is usually done with wax or oil. Use your reclaim as a cheaper alternative.

8. Variety of Edibles

Google 'single serve recipes' and make up a treat with your gooey reclaim. Source: www.instagram.com/asiliveandbreathe/
Google ‘single serve recipes’ and make up a treat with your gooey reclaim. Source: www.instagram.com/asiliveandbreathe/

You can add the residual oil to any recipe and create a high potency, discreet edible. Consider using a small amount of reclaim in a single serving cupcake!

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9. Dab it, of course!

Google 'single serve recipes' and make up a treat with your gooey reclaim. Source: www.instagram.com/asiliveandbreathe/
Re-dab that dab. It’ll still work!

Just dab it. It may not have the same flavor as it first did, but that residual THC will still get you high. It won’t hurt and if you are in a pinch, it might just save the day.

10. Vape it

Do you own a vape pen? Use it in your vape pen! Own a larger desktop vaporizer? Use it in your desktop vaporizer! Many people think dabbing your reclaim can affect taste, so chuck it in your vape pen or desktop if you don’t want to dab it.

Reclaim is great for insomnia, a relaxing day-long date with Netflix, aches and pains at lower doses, tossing into a snack before a hike, or for stashing and keeping for emergencies.

Check out how to get reclaim, that gooey gold, out of your gear here: How to Clean and Collect THC from Rigs and Vapes.