If you’ve never heard of it before or you just haven’t tried it, the gravity bong is one of the most fun ways you could possibly get high with your friends. Obviously you can make and use one yourself, but in a world where smoking with other people is almost always preferential anyways, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this simply makes it better.

What do I need?

If you want to make one of these for yourself, it’s extremely simple to do. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A cleaned out 2-liter bottle.
  • A bucket or some other type of storage container that can hold a fairly decent body of water; as long as the other container can fit comfortably inside of the first it doesn’t matter what you use for them.
  • A sharp knife or a good pair of scissors.
  • You’ll need a pin, or something that can poke a small hole in the top of the 2-liter cap.
  • Some aluminum foil.
  • Something to smoke and lastly, something to light it with.

What is it?

gravity bong

A gravity bong (also known as a bucket or a waterfall bong), is a homemade smoking device similar to an actual bong made from just a couple of supplies. It utilizes two containers — one usually being a bucket and the other a 2-liter bottle — to “trap” the smoke in the bottle and the other is used to hold water (generally the bucket).

Building The Gravity Bong

  1. Remove the cap from the 2-liter bottle and use your poking device to make a small hole through the center. You can use your knife or a scissor blade to widen the hole to your preferred size. (NOTE: This is the beginnings of your bowl, the bigger the hole you create the more weed you can use.)
  2. Tear out a piece of aluminum foil with extra to spare just in case, then using your finger you can create the bowl shape through the hole in the 2-liter cap. Remember, if it’s too small it won’t stay on the cap very well and if it’s too big it won’t fit!
  3. Use your poker to poke holes into the foil, anywhere from 2-5 will work just fine but you can always play around with it. (NOTE: If you’re worried about residual chemicals on your foil, feel free to torch just the aluminum before placing it into the cap.)
  4. Using your razor or scissors cut the bottom off of the 2L and fill up your bucket with water enough that when you stand the cut bottle up in it, the water comes up close to the neck (leave it there).
  5. Load your weed into the makeshift bowl and screw the cap back on; now it’s ready to be used!
  6. Light the bowl and slowly start pulling the 2L bottle up towards the ceiling. You’ll notice that as you do this the empty space in the bottle where the water was is now being filled up with that delicious smoke.
  7. When you’re satisfied with the size of the hit you just need to unscrew the cap, wrap your lips around the mouth of the bottle and push down. (NOTE: The quicker you push down the quicker the smoke will fill your lungs, or if you’re not ready for it you could easily cause an overflow of water from your bucket.)
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gravity bong
Image © Wiki Commons

Building a gravity bong is that simple. All in all it’ll take you about 5-10 minutes to make one but it’s an incredibly fun party bong – especially on those summer nights when splashing someone won’t cause pneumonia!