Mothers Day is right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you have to cheap out and get her another sappy card. Check out these cannabis-based products that are perfect for your herb-loving mother!

1. CBD lotion and salves


CBD lotions and salves are a great gift for mom. Make sure to get a product that also contains terpenes and other essential oils, as this will create the “entourage effect”. CBD is also most effectively absorbed via the skin so whether its joint and muscle pain, or simply for stress relief, CBD lotions and salves is a gift mom is going to love.

2. Roll up a couple tulip joints

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Flowers are always nice. This year, however, take your flower game up a notch and roll a couple tulip joints. Watch a tutorial online and wow your mom with an aromatic bouquet of cannaflower.

3. Hemp paper writing journal


Journaling is a great activity for anyone. Show your mom you care about her and the planet and buy her a nice hemp paper writing journal. Hemp paper is becoming increasingly popular so don’t wait to get this gift for your mom.

4. A stoner-coloring book


Believe it or not, this is a real thing. Go online and you will easily find coloring books for stoned adults. Many adults have forgotten the feeling and fun of coloring books from their childhoods. Reintroduce the joy of drawing and coloring with your mom and now you can both toke up and laugh like you did as kids.

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5. Infused teas

Another elegant choice for your mom is cannabis infused tea. This herbal infusion is bound to impress. Whether an infused chai or Earl gray, infused tea is both classy and delicious. Pair this with some local honey and rest assured that mom will be getting a good night of sleep.

6. Assortment of chocolates

The legal edible market has no shortage of infused chocolates available. Go shop around and find an assortment of high end and boldly flavored chocolates. Be sure to know what dosage you are buying first because sometimes the smallest pieces can pack the biggest punch. Fortunately everything should be labeled for potency but just be sure to over that with your mom so she can avoid the dreaded couch lock (if she so chooses).

7. A sleek vape pen

mothers day

If your mom is constantly on the go and needs a little something to take off the edge, then get her a sleek vape pen that is discreet yet highly functional. The portable vaporizer market is huge so decide if your mom prefers to smoke flower or oil and then buy her an awesome new vaporizer pen.

8. Get creative on Etsy

Etsy has many handcrafted and one of a kind items that will make a memorable impression for mom. From art to lighter covers and everything in between, Etsy will not disappoint and your mom will cherish her unique gift for years to come.

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9. A home cooked meal


There’s just something special about a home cooked meal. Make one for your mom. She will appreciate your efforts in the kitchen and more importantly, you get to spend valuable time together, the greatest gift of all. You can smoke before you or infuse certain parts of the meal. Either way, you and your mom will get to share a special moment together.