Organic marijuana is everywhere, but many folks are put off by the price tag. Organic cannabis isn’t just for hippies — here’s why it might just be worth paying the little extra for that organic bud.

The Benefits of Organic Cannabis

The benefits of organic marijuana are wide, just like the benefits of investing your money into organic fruit and vegetables. Organic cannabis, fruit and vegetables are grown with the end product and the health of the environment and consumer in mind, rather than the idea of mass production.

Modern farming of cannabis in legal states has involved the use of chemicals for a long time: chemicals increase crop size and bud size. They can prevent infestations and can assist in growth in all kinds of ways. You have likely smoked non-organic cannabis. Often, consumers do not think about the effect of these additives to their cannabis, or food. What are the benefits of smoking organic cannabis? Let’s learn the basics.

Better flavor and increased potency.

Organically grown cannabis tastes better because Mother Earth made it so. The toxins that are contained in some pesticides affect both the taste and the potency of the final flower that you smoke. Organic plants are left to grow without the addition of chemicals, and that results in premium flavor, taste, aroma and strength.

Better terpene profile

Cannabis that is naturally grown without the addition of chemicals has a stronger aroma and produces more terpenes and terpenoids. This means the final product will taste and smell supreme.

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No toxins

Growing cannabis organically means managing cannabis production without chemicals and toxins. For cannabis that is not grown organically, these toxins may include piperonyl butoxide (PBO) or bifenthrin. These two are often found in the soil. PBO is the most commonly found contaminant, and while not a pesticide itself, it is used to increase the toxicity of other pesticides. It is also considered potentially carcinogenic and potentially hazardous to multiple species. Do you want to smoke that?

Less chemicals and neurotoxins in your body.

Non-organically farmed cannabis contains a variety of chemicals that are used to encourage growing big buds and large crops. By choosing cannabis that is naturally grown, you are consciously choosing not to inhale dangerous chemicals. Savor the flavor and benefits of marijuana without the health risks associated with consuming toxins and chemicals.

No added salts and metals

Heavy metals and salts are common in cannabis plants that are not organically grown. These heavy metals and salts run off the water that is used to nurture the cannabis plants and is fed back into local waterways, polluting lakes, rivers, oceans and other bodies of water.


When cannabis is allowed to grow without the addition of chemicals, biodiversity in the area can remain in it’s natural state and can work towards producing optimal products. This contributes to an overall superior cannabis flower. Not adding nutrients to soil and water allows the natural genetics of the cannabis plant to blossom, and also means less heavy metal and toxic additions to the soil and water systems, our planet!

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Less processing

Organic products require less processing and additionally, there is no toxic waste disposal. Being kinder to your body also means being kinder to the planet.